1. Where are you from?
~ Calcutta (kolkata), India.

2. What do you do apart from blogging?
~ I am a full time student. I am doing my master's in film studies.

3. So you want to be a director?
~ Why not! If Tom Ford can make such a visually beautiful, no-fluff film so can I. Personally it would be pretty rad if I get to work in the wardrobe department or editing room too. I am still learning about my strengths in the process of film making.

4. Are you interested in styling/personal shopping/mystery shopping for me/my company?
~ Yes. Just shoot me an email and I will get back to you asap. And check my sponsor page to see what other fashion related jobs I am interested in.

5. How much will it cost for you to do so-and-so job that I have in mind for you?
~ Mail me and we can talk! Here's my email id -

6. "I want to start my own blog. Can you help me get started?" . "Can you give me photography tips?"
~ Ask me your specific queries and I will help the best I can. But to start it out - start reading loads of blogs which matches your style and create a blog inspired (not copied) from all of them and you will find your own voice soon enough. And no you don't need an expensive camera unless you are doing blogging/photography professionally. Any decent camera serves the purpose if you know your settings right. You can always upgrade later if you want.

7. I love the way you did your hair/make-up in that particular post. How did you do it and what products did you use?
~ Ask me in the comments section. Or link me to the look you are talking about and mail me about it and I will tell you :)! Doing individual tutorials is hard as I have learnt from past couple of posts and my blog is not really about tutorials that much. I would suck as a teacher.

8. Why is your blog named so?
~ Pretty much the gist of it is written here - click. And I love the idea of flying. I associate it with freedom. I really wish I could fly. I wish I could say "Stairway To Heaven" helped me to find the name of my blog, maybe subliminally it did, who knows.

9. Can I interview you for my blog/article/school project/dissertation etc.?
~ If you email me then sure you can!

10. If I send you a friend request on facebook will you accept?
~ I am more likely to accept it if you have an online presence just to make sure I am not accepting a weirdo or psycho. I will accept your request if you seem kinda cool and non-creepy. 

If you have any more questions to ask me then feel free to mail me( or tweet me

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