News 1
  • I have added a new gadget to my sidebar just below my blog list. It will contain the blog links to all my blog world friends who leave encouraging comments on my blog every time I post something. My way of showing appreciation that you take time out to visit my blog. I will keep adding to the list. I want to thank all those who follow my blog.  Thanks a lot for your support :D. Keep blogging ♥
  • P.S-I now have a page dedicated to regularly read blogs. I keep adding to it since you all are so awesome. 

 News 2
  • I received my very first blog award from the amazing Haze of  Shades of White. I am going to pass on the award to 
Sache e Bombom
Michelle's Style File
The Foolish Aesthete
Don't Call Me A Fashion Blogger
The Sweetest Escape

News 3

Thank you to those who are following me through bloglovin as well as google friend connect. Keep making me happy!!

News 4

Misstarshiny has given me my 2nd blog award!!
I am passing on the award to

The Foolish Aesthete
Don't Call Me Fashion Blogger!

News 5

I want to thank SS Fashion World, Soapy Mermaid and Sassy Uptown Chic for giving me the 3 following awards!!

I forward the awards to 

Bessie of Bravoe Runway
Kelly of AMuse About
Foolish Aesthete
Francesca of Dont call me a Fashion Blogger
Kim of Sassy Uptown Chic
Marina of FashionMakeupLifestyle
Wii of A Single Girl's Musings
David of The Nyanzi Report
Ramona of Strike a Pose
My Style by Joandy
Soapy Mermaid

News 6
Kim of SassyUptownChic for giving me The Versatile Blogger and The Best Blog awards.

I award BOTH of these awards to:
Wii of A Single Girl's Musings
Kim of SassyUptownChic
Francesca of Don'tCallMeAFashionBlogger
Bessie of BravoeRunway
Marina of FashionMakeupLifestyle

News 7
Jadina of British Dreams & Yellow Umbrellas thank you for the Stylish blogger award!

News 8
Anna of Curious Musings thank you for the Versatile Blogger award!

News 9
Thank you Aki  of Seven Percent Solution for the versatile blogger award! I love your blog and this means a lot!
News 10
Thanks Aki of Seven Percent Solution for the Sunshine award!

News 11
Thanks Swarnali of Swarnali Dreams for the Versatile Blogger award!

News 12
Thanks Shanaya of Little Miss Sinner for the Sunshine Blogger award!

News 13
Thanks Aki of Seven Percent Solution for the Liebster award!

News 14
I got the Sunshine award from aki of Seven Percent Solution!

News 15
Inspiring Blog Award from The Romanticiser