Saturday, 3 October 2015

Coming Up Roses

Delhi has derailed me. Even now I find very little time for leisure. There is an overabundance of kulcha, chhole bhature, rajma, chhole and chawal everywhere. But everyday we (me and my other Bong-Delhi mates) try to make something for dinner, something that reeks of our home, even if it is the humble muger daal or dim kosha or mangsher jhol. We save just enough energy every night to taste home, once a day.

I feel extremely bad that I took such a long time to finally make this post. Amydus has been kind enough to be patient with me though. They sent this gorgeous lace peplum top as a preview of their then upcoming collection. I was delighted to see how well it fit me. I was told "wow haven't seen you in things like this before." I somehow never tried out peplum before. And I am kinda saving this one, to debut it during Durga Puja. I am growing restless now, to go back home. But, I don't know how strange it would feel to live at home again, right when I have found a rhythm here. We will see. Till then, read about the amazing size range offered by Amydus *here*. Ciao.

You can get the top here - Black Peplum Top (not an affiliate link)

Black Peplum Top - Amydus
Pink Round Glasses - New Market, Calcutta
Belt, Shoes - B.K. Market, Calcutta
Purple Pants - Stolen from sister

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  1. Loving the rose-tinted pictures!
    And how come you haven't told me yet that you are coming home for pujo??? :(

  2. I love your attitude! The way you have styled the whole outfit is lovely :)

  3. Such a cute top! You look great in it. :D
    Hope you have a good time in Kolkata this pujas!
    Bric-A-Brac.A fashion and lifestyle blog.

  4. Delhi bahut dildaar hai.... reading your post reminds me of the one month i spent n worked in kolkata (ofcourse i go there once in a while but this was one time when i shifted base for work for a month) .... during lunch time it was hard for me to find food suitable around my office as most places served 'bengali' food.... i wanted so much my chole bhature or paranthe or even dal roti sabzi!!