Saturday, 28 February 2015

Magnum Ice Creams-Royal Experience

this pic and food styling c/o Anupriya DGs
Belgium chocolate covered Magnum ice creams are a favourite of millions across the globe. 1st March onwards Magnum is officially hitting the stores of Calcutta! This will be a really grand summer for Calcuttans. These ice creams are made with at least 35% cocoa, making them rich in flavour. The Truffle flavour is for the dark chocolate lovers. But, you can pick any of their flavours for a rich royal experience. There is a delicious crackle in every bite, there is no fear of it melting all over your hand as the chocolate coating is ever so generous and there is never a risk of sweetness overload since the inner creamy filling is almost like a palate cleanser.
 I was at the launch event where chef Kunal Kapoor hosted a master class. Soha Ali Khan, a self professed Magnum lover since she was a child was there for the launch as well. Many stories were shared about their memories of chocolates and Calcutta. And hence Kunal Kapoor decided to make a dessert with Magnum inspired by Calcutta. He made a Patishapta, which is essentially a crepe that is traditionally filled with kheer, jaggery and coconut. He filled the Magnum Patishapta with crushed chunks of Magnum Classic, berries, nuts and topped it with some sprinkling of khoya kheer, almonds and pistachio. If you follow me on instagram(click to follow if you don't already), you must have seen the delicious dessert in a jar that I was gifted at the event. It was made with Magnum ice cream and once they are officially available at the stores I will try to grab one and recreate the recipe to share it with you guys on the blog.
The 3 flavours of Magnum you can get in stores - Classic, Almond and Chocolate Truffle

Soha Ali Khan
Soha Ali Khan and Kunal Kapoor at the photo op
Magnum masterclass
Soha trying her best to help out the chef
Magnum Patishapta
The delicious Magnum filled Patishapta
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  1. Oh!! I'm gonna eat that chocolate truffle again as soon as they are available!!!

  2. Oh!! I'm gonna eat that chocolate truffle again as soon as they are available!!!

  3. This makes me want to go out and get some ice cream right now!

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  4. I'd have the dessert you girls made over anything else any day! It's so fairytale-ish!