Friday, 13 February 2015

How To Survive: Valentine's Day

This Valentine's day you must be wondering where you can go out to have a lovely lunch or dinner without blowing a giant hole in your pocket. I have a couple of very delicious suggestions for both the romantic and the anti-mush brigade. And both these restaurants are located in the New Market area of Kolkata beside each other. Scoop will be decked up to welcome all the V-day celebrators. They even have a special menu for the lovers which includes items like 100% LOB(a crunchy juicy prawn wrap) and Phata Phati Love(mango juice topped with ice cream and pineapple slices). You can even pick up a goodie basket to surprise your other half with. You get choco chip cookies, strawberry cupcakes, heart shaped candle and a rose in the basket for only INR200. Isn't that a sweet deal?

Now for the anti-mush brigade, I suggest you walk a couple of doors down from Scoop and enter into Spice. It is a new restaurant with the edgiest d├ęcor ever. It looks like the insides of a factory that was turned into the hippest eat out zone in town. It is the perfect place to hide from coochie cooing lovers all over the city tomorrow. You can go down with a bunch of buddies as well to enjoy some of the most delicious Thai food with a few giant mugs of beer. You must try their chicken satay that comes with a peanut butter sauce that would leave you craving for more.
Nearest landmark - New Empire

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  1. Haha, awesome, Spice sounds like such a rad place! Would love to see some photos from there! I've never eaten Thai food, really have to try it sometimes!

  2. Factory? Now that's familiar territory. Don't know when I'd be in Kolkata next(for more than a day, that is) but whenever it is, let's catch up for a 'tough girl' time here wearing leather pants or androgynous shoes. :-P

  3. Haahaa, This was a fun post to read :D