Sunday, 28 December 2014

Leather, Lace & Roses

No, we didn't have Santa hats on,
No, we didn't have bottles of whiskey or mulled wine,
We had our cakes in our separate homes,
We only had our fingers and smiles warming us through the night,
Underneath a blanket of blue.

We will probably say hello again in the New Year.
Usher in 2015 with a bang
See you on the other side


  1. Happy Holidays, my dear! <333 Thanks for stopping by!

    - Anna

  2. Did he give you roses for Christmas??? ;)
    Have a great jump into the new year, girl!! See you at lunch! ^_^

    1. Yes...more for humanitarian causes, not mushy gushy romantic reasons..but we used the flowers as props.

  3. See you in 2015! I'm expecting even more fabulous posts from you ^_^ Have an amazing holiday week!

  4. You look beautiful! and lovely pictures.
    I love the simplicity of this post. Season's greetings!

  5. Debi, I'm so loving what your blog is turning into! You have always been someone who's into meaningful fashion but these days, I simply love your words, outfits and the feel of the blog!

  6. Very pretty Debi !!
    Wishing you a very successful 2015. Hope all your dreams comes true in next year xoxo