Sunday, 16 November 2014

Green Trends Salon Review - Forever Blue Hair

I was invited to review the upcoming Durga Puja hairstyle and beauty trends at Green Trends Salon, Salt Lake branch. But, me being me, I got my hair coloured blue and decided to take my time and review it properly after the colour had properly faded and washed off. So, here I am to rave about Green Trends Salon for doing such a great job. I also should mention right away that here I got one of the best pedicures of my life ever. Just go in and ask for Zainab. It would be an understatement to say that I have horrible feet. And she worked magic by scrubbing and massaging all the right spots. I felt truly pampered.
Green Trends is a family chain salon originally from Chennai, but now they have around 200 branches all over India. They have 3 branches in Kolkata - Salt Lake, Golpark and Bangur Avenue.
"Green trends is a contemporary hair & style salon that offers cool looks for a new you– all at practical prices."
We had a chat session with head trainer, Saddique Alam. He suggested colour chunks and curl enhancing treatments as Bong beauties have a natural tendency towards curls. He personally oversaw every step of my colouring method. It was decided that my already honey blonde ombre hair had to be lightened further for the blue to show up. After the single bleach session, they put in the Majirel mix blue colourant in my hair and kept it in for no longer than 10-15 minutes. This ensured the colour did not turn too dark. There were 3 people working at my hair and that was a very funny feeling. The other bloggers opted for red hair highlights, curl enhancing haircuts and treatments, nail art and facial treatments. The end results for everyone was pretty amazing.
Pre-bleach and colour
Waiting for the bleach to lighten my hair further
The Majirel Mix Creme Blue looked like this after being mixed with a 20 vol developer
The process begins. Soon he will be joined by 2 others and Mr. Alam
The awesome pedicure where Anupriya and I got pampered. Pic c/o Poorna Banerjee
Saddique Alam brushing my hair personally before the money shot. Felt like a celeb in a photoshoot. Pic c/o Anupriya Dg
The money shot Pic c/o Anupriya Dg
Wish I had magical powers so that I could change my hair to all sorts of amazing colours like this whenever I wanted. My hair was as blue as my studded Peter Pan collared sheer top from Vero Moda. I washed my hair once or twice(maximum) a week. It took a full month for it to completely go away. It faded to green. After waiting for 1 & 1/2 months I decided to use the soap capping method(details here) to remove the colour completely.
Green Trends already has very reasonable rates for their wide range of services, but if you get a membership card worth Rs.100(valid for 2 years!) you get further discounts. Now, I have given you every reason to try out their services for yourself. Go get pampered!


  1. Oh my gosh...I cant believe i m saying this, but I love the blue hair.
    i wish u were wearing a different color top, so i cud see ur hair better.


    1. Thank you!
      If I knew I was getting that blue I would have worn something else!

  2. I love your top ..

    I am itching to get a pedicure done .. How much does it cost there ??

  3. I think the basic pedicure starts from a 350 which you can get for 300 if you have a membership card

  4. Awww Debi! You glam girl! Your hair came out so good!

  5. I loved that blue bit of hair!! <3
    And I took such a nice pic of yours! ^_^

  6. I need membership card out of stock..