Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Get Love Struck by Westside Wunderlove Lingerie Collection

Last week I went to check out the latest collections that Westside launched. In my previous *post* I talked about the plus-sized Sassy Soda collection.The other in-house brand they have come out with is the Wunderlove lingerie collection.  The price range is within INR899. There are basic as well as fancy options. The bras and briefs come in matching pairs, but the best thing is they can be bought separately. It is a good thing because women often wear different sizes of tops and bottoms. Also you can choose not to buy matching pairs if that isn't your style. The briefs come in 3 styles-high leg, bikini briefs, full briefs. You can get the regular cotton briefs in combo packets of 3 and 4. The sizes range from small to XL. The bras range from 32 to 38 in sizes and the highest cup size you will get is a D. They have padded, wired options as well as regular non-padded and non-wired ones. Everything comes in neutral shades as well as with prints like florals, polka dots, animal prints and some with lace detailing. There are pretty blues, bright pinks and monochrome colours available as of now. They also have camisoles in neutral colours from S to XL. I really wish there were more sizes in this range because lots of women have cup sizes higher than a D. Especially if they have a smaller underbust size compared to bust circumference it becomes difficult to get something that fits properly. (read about how to measure yourself properly before you go lingerie shopping *here*). However, what the Wunderlove collection may lack in sizes they make up for it in style.


  1. The polka dotted ones are so cute! What do you say? Is their collection worth a visit next time I go lingerie shopping?

    1. I would say yes (provided they carry your size..I think they do)

  2. I like the polka dotted one too! I am going to go pujo lingerie shopping! :P

  3. I love the prints and size range!