Friday, 6 June 2014

World By The Window

A little corner of my own. Where I sit and think of all those who promised to stay and left, leaving their faces all around, in my head, in my heart, in my home. I sit here and hear all the shouts and screams and silences. I sit here and breathe freedom, all the while contemplating my great escape. Where I sit and write when you said goodbye, where I lie and sigh and watch the rain.

bed by the window sill


  1. Beautiful post Debi..
    M speechless.


  2. great post! ; )
    do you wanna follow each other?

  3. We all have our little spots to reflect, think, wish and dream.

  4. I LOVE window seats!! Sometimes, I sit on the ledge of our window too (though it is not as big as yours) - trying to soak in the sunlight filtering through the neighbor's trees on a winter afternoon, my favorite book in hand & a song on my lips... :)

  5. Oh, I LOVE windows of every kind! They represent arrival and farewell at the same time. I can spend an entire day by a window!