Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Sheinside - Genius!

Sheinside sent me this fun sweatshirt. Donald Duck with nerd glasses on, and the ironic "Genius" written on it just makes it more quirky. It is pretty thick and definitely not for the summer. But, the moment the temperature drops I can see myself wearing this repeatedly. I got the product within 18 days of ordering, thoroughly impressed by that. When I like something/someone, I fall hard, and I don't mind being a repeat offender. The longer things last the better, I was never into cheap thrills and flaky friends anyway.

Donald Duck Sweatshirt - c/o Sheinside (get it here, not an affiliate link)
Round Sunglasses - c/o Firmoo
Shoes - B.K. Market
Jeggings - Pantaloons(years ago)

Sheinside - Genius sweatshirt

Sheinside - Genius sweatshirt

Sheinside - Genius sweatshirt

Some times I feel stupid taking my own photos. It feels even more odd editing the photos. The urge to Photoshop a bulge here and there remains strong, but I fight it because this blog is for people to see how a non-thin body looks like. The oddity of your own body and the imperfections often stand out more when you stare at it longer. I sometimes wonder if I really look that way in real life, when I move around and breathe and talk and laugh or if it is all a trick of the light in a particular photo.When I look at other not so thin (plus-sized or not) bloggers, I identify with the bulges and not the smooth perfections. Seeing anybody wear clothes and wear it well is an inspiration in itself, but when the whole world is obsessed with becoming thinner or in having a thin waist and the "right" curves, you need to see these other bodies that exist all around. I follow a lot of body positive sites and all those women dress beautifully. There is nothing wrong with feeling and looking like a slob on some days, but, the fact that you can look good and be admired despite being bigger is a good feeling. It reminds you people are not all brainwashed, that the future may not be so bleak that people won't be able to look beyond the outer shell of a person. You don't need to dress up or put make-up on, but you totally should if you think it's fun without making excuses for it. If you are a guy and like wearing nice clothes and carrying jazzy accessories/gadgets don't bother about those who think you are odd, slap anyone who thinks it's a girly thing to do. Teach them to open their minds. There are too many people telling girls to cover up their bulges and scars, there are too many girls self-harming, trying to resemble the girl on the magazine cover or on the runway without realising the model also looks like a human being in person. That is why it is essential that there are also these other people who exist with all their glorious flaws out in the open.


  1. love!

  2. Don't be tempted to airbrush! The appeal of reading blogs is to look at real women of all shapes and sizes, we're all beautiful.
    That top rocks! xxx

  3. You look very nice in the Donald Duck sweatshirt.
    I always enjoy reading your thoughts and I agree with what you said.

  4. Leave the cheap thrills for the kids! lol. Loving your sweatshirt! & I've always admired the fact that bloggers come in all shapes, sizes, ages, cultures, etc. That's the beauty of it. ;D

    <3 Carsla
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  5. My girl, I fell in love with your sweatshirt and adore it. Also, I loved what you just wrote. I used to be afraid of my body, and the curves and bulges and as a result, dressed like a slob, because, you know, I dont look good anyway. Years later, I have accepted that I was never meant to go below 67 kilos, I am not the smartest dresser on this planet, and I need to work on my body. But, that isn't a problem, because we are all evolving, and personally, I love the way I am evolving.

  6. OMG debi, I love DD much more than MM!!! This sweatshirt is so cool!!!
    Don't Call Me Fashion Blogger

  7. You look great! There's absolutely no reason to feel self conscious about clicking your own pictures...thats one of the most fun things about blogging! Sometimes I feel that we are bringing down ourselves more than other people do...Looking forward to many more outfit posts!

  8. I'm in love with this lovely sweat shirt

  9. You look gorgeous, I love the sweatshirt.

  10. You look gorgeous, I love the sweatshirt!

  11. You look gorgeous babe.. and whatever you have written, the way you love yourself for being yourself is infectious and an inspiration for me .. :)

  12. Debi, you look great girl! You're such a pretty girl! You are ROCKING that sweatshirt! Major attitude! Love your hair. Hope all is well.

  13. Beautifully written post !!
    Could relate to every word of it..

  14. this tee is so unique, never saw something like this . Donald duck with nerd glasses

  15. Totally loving this amazing top!

  16. Love the sweatshirt though donald looks straight up evil in this one.

    I totally agree. I look through a lot of my pictures and I realize my inferior backgrounds, camera skills... those funny faces I'm making and eventually, how my stomach's a bit pudgy from this angle and how in that picture I have several chins. The comparison's just so easy sometimes.

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  17. I LOVE SHEINSIDE! The clothing isn't too expensive, is it?

    The sweater looks GENIUS! Ha! You look really cool. :)

    Fashionicide // Fashion, with a difference

  18. Having a blog definitely made me more comfy with my not-stick-skinny body type, and it also helped me see what i look good and not so good in! go you for feeling the same :) and i love your sunnies- they look sooo good on you

    xo marlen
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  19. you look gorgeous! I adore your shades :))


  20. Oh man, true to the bone! I have big issues with looks. When I made the youtube videos, I couldn't believe how horrid I look and SOUND :D Couldn't stand myself. But I've learned to deal with my stupid low self esteem, by not giving a fuck, although there are those days, when I really feel like a rag :D

    BTw, the sweatshirt is super fun! And I think you look beautiful. And I wish I had your hair *_*