Friday, 24 January 2014

Leather Jacket Again

I am really happy to let you all know that I have got a leather jacket of my own. It doesn't really get very cold here, but I have worn the jacket on all possible cold days since I got it. I even wore it out for a walk (with track pants). I got the beanie and these cool socks from Front Row Shop. I'm massively excited to finally get my hands on a white kajal! Got it from Gariahat a couple of days back, haven't tried it out yet.
I will be doing an outfit post on them soon enough.

leather jacket, military green beanie, red lipstick, striped socks

Leather Jacket ($30.39)- c/o Choies
Melting Striped Socks ($5), Military Green Beanie ($12) - c/o Front Row Shop
Red Lipstick - Avon
White Kajal (INR250) - Lakme Eyeconic

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  1. It looks really nice and the leather seem very soft. Wonderful find! x

  2. Congrats on the jacket, n the socks r really cute.


  3. I love the whole look...and the socks are crazy *_*

    The Cutielicious

  4. I want a leather jacket too!!! Any brand/website listening??? :(

    Oh! And I can't wait to see you wearing that white kajal! ^_^