Thursday, 28 February 2013

Talking : Hair Extensions

Ummm...guys I have long hair. But it is all mine and it is thin. I had more volume in my teen years than I have now. So I often wonder about getting hair extensions. There are all kinds of extensions - clip on/clip in hair extensions, bonding and sealing, fusion, infusion, micro loop hair extensions, weaves, tape in. I understand human hair extensions look the most natural as you can then colour it and style it as much as you like and also shampoo and condition all with the wonderful illusion you are nurturing your own luscious strands. I would love to own a bunch of red and black and blue and green ones. I can plug them in and go out with pillow thick hair whenever mine feels ratty but I need it to be fricking fabulous.
I mean I sometimes wish I had hair like this(see the pictures around guys). Think of the endless possibilities of hair styles and the sheer volume of awesomeness people can achieve with extensions. But of course the real purpose of me writing all this to hear about your thoughts. I want to know what you guys think of hair extensions. Have you ever tried them? How was your experience? Do you wear them now? Oh I have so many questions. And I need them answered by you.

I came across this website called SeekHair and they have some pretty good quality products. They have auburn, 4 kinds of brown (chocolate, chestnut, light brown, light golden) 6 kinds of blonde (sandy, white, lightest, , and uh only 2 kinds of black (jet, natural). And the texture of the extensions range from body wavy, loose wavy to natural curly to sleek straight. Have you ever used this website to buy hair extensions? Or anyone you know has?

P.S. - The graphics are all weird on my PC screen right now. So pardon if the image quality and sizing looks wonky. I can't see them properly to guess that it is well, wonky.

Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Anyone Out There?

Well the problem persists. But I cannot stay without updating you guys for too long. So a short and succint post.
Buy this holy awesomeness for me
*big toothy grin*
frica neon green sneakers

Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Smoke, Style And Starlight

I was away for a few days and then I came back home to see my browsers ineffective somehow, they won't let me log in anywhere. I have somehow managed to log in here via chrome but that's about the best that I can do till the problem is fixed. I finished a couple of amazing books - "Daughter Of Smoke And Bone" and "Days Of Blood and Starlight" by Laini Taylor. I am dying to read the 3rd part in this trilogy which unfortunately doesn't come out till 2014 *me dies sobbing hysterically*. If you are into fantasy fiction then I implore you to read these. They are available online for free, also on ibooks(I don't know if it is called that, you would know better iPad toting gangstas). I felt my calls of coming across good fantasy fiction answered finally. And Karou, the protagonist has lapis lazuli hair and is perfectly kick-ass and needs no simpering, idiotic, creepy boyfriend to come to her rescue every time she is oh-such-a-klutz (which she is not). But then again by the time you finish the book it is something else entirely, It is not a love story, so no cringing required by all you sick of crappy supernatural romance shit. It is a story of love and war and wanting peace. Enjoy it curled up over some hot coffee and then go into withdrawal like I have. And thank my best friend for being such a treasure trove of great stories such as this and many more.

And while I am gone I am leaving you with some mad style to keep you warm and tingly at your fingertips.

at MFW 2013 Ulyana Sergeenko in Dior by Stefania Yurhi
at Karen Walker NYFW 2013
NYFW 2013, Lincoln Center by Tali Blankfeld

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Wednesday, 13 February 2013

I Gave You All

I got this dress custom made. The amazing people at Miss Dressy sent me over this dress in exactly 14 days! I was supposed to attend an event but didn't really believe the dress would come over that fast. I selected this dress and chose a colour other than black or white (are you surprised? well you have my best friend to thank for that, as she chose this beautiful colour, otherwise this post would have been another offering in black). There are plenty of options in colours and sizes and they have loads and loads of styles of dresses in varying lengths and silhouettes!
I love the beautiful chiffon bell sleeves. The name of this colour is oxblood claret. And I will stop saying I love flower crowns and reblogging and pinning their
photos on tumblr and pinterest (click to follow) as I have started wearing them now. No, I won't. I love florals and flower crowns, the more photos of these on my dashboard the better. This outfit and the mood is obviously inspired by my love for the romantic gothic aesthetic. The crown was a DIY done by a friend.

Also I am on Instagram now. Yes I finally got a new phone that does something apart from just texting and calling. 3 solid claps for me *and then I do a dance that you don't get to see*.
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I am lonely here.
So hurry :)

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Sunday, 10 February 2013

Sunday Inspirations

It's sunday. I feel like doing another mixed post today.

Some Dark Inspirations (via darkspiration tumblr)

Some Flowers


And Somethings Just For The Love Of

bohemian, gypsy

lust for life
have you read this book?

 a peek into the next post

Thursday, 7 February 2013

This Morning Is About Books

Yes it is. It is only Thursday and the week is not yet over. But I need the morning to brush my fingers against the 3 I have acquired recently and the 7 that are due back in the library already. Time seems to whoosh by me and I feel like I have been left behind again. And I feel at peace. I feel at peace. I am left alone to my thoughts and I can get lost in my make-believe universe once more with no one whispering in my ear that I will be left behind. Too many people, too many minds, too many things bog me down, numb me away slowly. So this is my retreat. A sunny day with as little humidity as today is ideal. I feel like happy thoughts are within reach when I breathe in the sunshine. This drop-off-the-earth syndrome may make me seem erratic but I won't promise you today that I would be there, I won't tell you to hold the seat for me because I won't be there. I will be here with myself unless you really need me. I am going to feel the lightness of being today, away from the traffic jam of 40 other minds.

madame bovary, the wretched of the earth, frantz fanon, the outsider, albert camus
madame bovary by flaubert, the wretched of the earth by frantz fanon, the outsider by albert camus

Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Photowalking in Town

The newest craze in town is photowalking. That combines walking with your hobby i.e. photography. You don’t need an expensive camera and can leave home with a simple camera or even your mobile phone camera. Wear comfortable shoes and start walking and shoot whatever catches your attention.
Photowalking is fun when we meet up others along the way. It sometimes doubles the fun to have a fellow companion or a group of bohemian fellows walking along. Take pictures of people on the way or search your interpretation of life in the objects that come into view. Photowalking is a pastime enjoyed both by introverts out on a hiking trail and extroverts who want to share their discovery of the world with a large group. Photography is a creative hobby. It makes the photographer express a view entirely his own, not unlike the author or painter. One uses words and the other colours on paper or canvas whereas a photograph is the photographer’s vision of the world. Of late, newspapers carry pictures that photowalkers have taken and some of them are extremely artistic, even though they are taken by children. This just goes to show that you need a keen eye for beauty in the ordinary.
Photowalking is a beautiful activity. And with technology supporting photowalkers, who can deny its pull. You can upload your pictures on many websites and share how you see the world. Photowalking can unfold out as a workout and a nature walk in the hills, a soul search across a hiking trail, a photo-shoot on the road for friends and much more.
Capture the crimson sunset when you choose an autumn evening to walk or the endless sea as you walk down the Marine Drive (Mumbai) for your sojourn. Choose a part of the street that resembles a face with the criss-cross of light and shadow. The best part is there is no need for a course to understand this art.  And you can stir up various emotions in the hearts of your viewers. Interested in people, go for people photography but when using a public spot, do ask for permission from your subjects lest they take objection to it. Use different angles or zoom in and out to magnify or contract what you shoot. Use a colour or a black and white background and create a world entirely yours. It can be an escape route to cut off what is not needed or to just capture nature at its best or worst. Often, we just bring out the artist in us as we walk and shoot without judging our environment in a bid to freeze a moment or an expression forever.
Sometimes, your subjects would be ordinary sights but they would make others stop and think. Photowalking is to create a visual poetry in tune with the rhapsody inside you. Photowalking is a mini-adventure you can take up daily while coming from work to your home or a detour while running errands. Besides, you never know when you strike gold with that award-winning picture of yours.

seen here
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