Thursday, 31 January 2013

Ache For Home

"The character of a man is known from his conversations."
 Menander, 342 – 292 BCE

"If you were to gather all the clothes you have ever owned in your life,you would have your autobiography."
Linda Grant, The Thoughtful Dresser

An open home signifies an open heart. Walls and doors are there to keep the evils out. The ones who only know of  menial thoughts, unkind words and absorb and spread only the callousness of the world are not welcome in the home nor the heart. The gypsy does not know of a home made of four walls and a roof, but walls exclude, walls keep out. The home is where lies the heart, where the people who love and warm our bones laugh, home is a place we all ache for(paraphrasing Maya Angelou).

Lace Top - Chemistry
Cotton Printed Skirt - Westside
Hammered Silver Cuff - Avon
Silver Bangles - Gariahat
Golden Collar Plate Necklace - c/o Clothing Loves

Miss Chase

Time for me to introduce a new web store that is about to launch - Miss Chase

Miss Chase is a fast fashion brand aspiring to be a global leader in the western fashion segment. We create chic European designs and get it to our customers at a very affordable price. Our mantra is to help women with their age old dilemma of “I have nothing to wear!” Don’t be surprised if you spot a similar peplum top that you’d notice on on our website! We do all this with a unique combination of brilliant in-house designers and international design consultants based in the global fashion hubs. Also, selling our items primarily online helps us bypass the traditional retail markups, hence allowing us to provide our stuff at a disruptively low price.

We at Miss Chase would like to invite you to our pre-launch. This is exclusive and strictly by invitation only. We have a limited variety (and inventory) of designs available for purchase during the pre-launch.
Pssst here's the exclusive code - MC9421

I am excited about bringing to your notice our unique Secret Shop on the website. This is a restricted section on our website which opens up to a customer once they successfully refer 5 friends to Miss Chase. Secret Shop has an exclusive variety of products and offers which are not available for purchase on the main website.

a voucher for flysongbird readers

My take - I have seen their new and limited products, the collection is promising. I love their colourful leggings which seem to be of very good quality and their plaid cape jackets are cool.

Wednesday, 30 January 2013

5 Pieces That Keep You Fashionable And Warm In The Winter

Keep Warm In Winter

Keep Warm In Winter by debiparna-chakraborty

When the winter weather takes us by storm, it can be difficult to plan afashionable cold weather wardrobe. With a bit of planning, it’s easy to bring your fall outfits up to season with the addition of a few seasonal pieces. This approach will allow you to revamp your wardrobe while saving a bit of cash.
1. Heavy Tights or Leggings: A pair of high quality heavy knit tights or leggings can keep your legs as warm as a pair of jeans. But unlike a pair of jeans, they’ll allow you to bring your favorite spring and summer dresses into your winter wardrobe. Just put on a pair of warm tights, your dress and layer on a blazer or chunky cardigan. A draped scarf completes the look. Because high quality tights and blazers can be quite expensive, you’ll be able to snag a better deal on these pieces of clothing on Price Grabber.
2. Classy Trench Coats: The power of the trench coat can be wardrobe-changing. A nice trench coat can make passersby assume that your salary is a few thousand higher than it actually is. And, it’ll fool your friends into thinking your last minute black tee and jeans ensemble is an effort to be sleek and chic. In order to get the most out of the trench coat, purchase one that fits well in the shoulder and hits above the knee. Pair it with a large handbag that features a pop of color and a scarf that focuses on texture.
3. Scarves and hats: A dowdy winter outfit can be easily transformed with stylish accessories. A slouchy hat can give your outfit that fabulous flair. An oversized cascading scarf can provide your outfit with a hint of femininity, especially when paired with heeled knee-high boots. A chunky scarf adds a layer of warmth, both fashionably and literally.
4. Boots. Whether you like them tall and high or low and flat, boots are an essential to any stylish winter wardrobe. Investing in a good pair of boots allows you to tread through snow without feeling a thing and simultaneously transitioning your fall wardrobe into the cold of winter. Tuck skinny jeans into tall boots paired with a simple tee shirt and a belted cream cardigan. Add an oversized scarf to finish the look.
5. Winter whites. Wearing lush white sweaters set against the background of fresh snow makes quite a statement. If you feeling daring, wear white from head to toe. However, to wear winter whites in a casual way, you can start with a slouchy white cable knit sweater paired with white jeans, camel toned tall boots, a cream scarf and slouchy hat.
Just because there’s snow on the ground doesn’t mean that you should buy a new wardrobe. You can keep warm during frigid weather while keeping a fashionable look. Simply purchase a few weather-appropriate accessories in the right hues and it’ll allow you to transition your fall wardrobe into the winter.

This is a guest post but the collage was done by me

Saturday, 26 January 2013

New In - Golden Collar Plate Necklace

I got this necklace from ClothingLoves. Expect an outfit post with it soon enough. When I ordered only the back side of it was visible in the site. So I was surprised to see the front. But it took long enough to reach me so I will just wear it back side up.

Friday, 25 January 2013

Four Seasons Wines And Adrenalize 2013

Day : 19th Jan
Venue : Tolly Club
Event : Adrenalize 2013 (The Annual Tolly Gym Party)
Host : Four Seasons Wines with ITC Sonar
Motto : Drink, Dance, Drop

I had the time of my life in this party last Saturday. I did drink and dance but I also worked. I took pictures for my bloggies as well as myself in between every sip and beat. So much seems to have happened since this evening. I wish there was another invitation to head onto. I am clutching a snug pillow as I type this because seasonal depression guys! I won't bore you with all the details of my misery but I sure will tell you all about the line up of events at the party last week. As I read the down the list here's how it went - a wine trail that ended in prizes for the winners, watching junior equestrians in action, learning all about wines from the Four Seasons Wine experts (but I covered that in this *post*), learning to cook special dishes and their pairing with Four Seasons from the chefs of ITC Sonar, grape stomping and scintillating beats of DJ Happy to dance to the whole evening.
And here are all the photos I took..I am not in them but (I found a decent click with my face in it on Megha's blog) I was wearing my studded collar chiffon top which I showed *here*.
Fellow bloggers present were - Soumi, Megha, Deepa, Animesh and Ritesh [who turned out to be an Ex-Pointer(my school - South Point and we are known as Pointers and yada yada yada)! And there I was blissfully ditching my high school reunion that very evening! *sighs*]

Signing off with loads of thanks to Four Seasons Wines and Ginger Claps for hosting this event and inviting me to it to get drunk. Thank you!

Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Fashion Designing

images via 1, 2, 3, 4

This is a guest post

In Fashion Designing Reputation Is Key
Fashion designing has recently developed into a bustling industry, which is brimming with creative and artistic minds. But has it ever occurred to you, what carves the way for a successful fashion designer in this busy industry?
The saturation and opposition is both high in the world of fashion designing. Therefore, it takes more than sheer talent to lead the way to success. Having an aesthetic niche is not the sole requirement for being a fashion designer. There are many other factors that make a designer stand out from the crowd.
 Making your mark as a young designer can be challenging. The obstacles are endless and the opportunities are few; the first step to proving your ability is to recognize it yourself. Know what you are made of, and what you can offer to the ever evolving world of fashion.
Build your reputation as a young designer; this will be the foundation to your career:
Know Thyself!
Distinguish your forte in the industry; a person’s inborn talent could make him lean toward anything ranging from couture to jewelry designing. This is the setting stone for a young designer’s repute. A designer without an extra oomph is of no use to the industry. Recognize your spark as a designer, so it can become the highlight of your portfolio.
Everyone has a different talent, some might like designing for the young crowd, whereas others might cater better to the tea-sipping aunties. Know your niche, and polish it to perfection!
Stand Out from the Crowd
Some designers are known for their glittery personas, whereas others are famous for their unique personal style. Others are known solely for their hard work and immense talent that shines on the runway. Personas and personal styles come naturally, and cannot be made-up; however, the latter is in your hands. Stand out from the huge crowd of young designers that are churned out from fashion universities every year.
Reputation is Key
Unless you are John Galliano, you will never be given an opportunity with a scarred reputation. Be known for your outclass work, sense of fashion, and hard work. Stay away from major reputation disasters like drug scandals and criminal charges.
Reputation holds paramount importance. Before a renowned fashion house hires you, they will conduct a general and internet search on you. Try gathering honest comments about yourself on the internet. Online reputation companies are also at your disposal, and watching on Vimeo gives an idea of how they can help.
Survive in the Wild
You are not alone in the fashion industry. You will have co-workers in fashion houses, bosses, and even subordinates. Learn to work in a team, listen to others, and respond with your opinion. Young designers who can work in a positive and healthy way are the fittest to survive in the fashion ecosystem.
Remember, anyone with outstanding talent will make it to the top. It does not matter if who specialize in something that isn’t the hot cake in fashion today; fashion houses look for new and brilliant ideas, so keep yourself prepared with an immaculate profile. You never know when it is your time to shine!

Sunday, 20 January 2013

Feeling Hippie/Happy

I should ideally be on a detox after last night(a post on that will come up soon enough) but well I am not. I have made friends because of this blog I can actually dance with without inhibitions. I suck at all that jazz unless I am around people I can relate to on a certain level and am comfortable with.
I have found some great photos on fb and tumblr since I woke up this morning. Yes Sunday mornings are reserved for all this only. Also FYI there are people for whom it is impossible to take bad pictures, I am the opposite.
These photographs are all on my tumblr so you guys can go check that out if you like.Try and relax the last few hours of the weekend. This Sunday has been positively crisp in attitude for me so far. ♥

jim morrison in a  flower crown
janis joplin in headband and teashades
hippie blowing bubble

Also I am to let you know there is a flat 30% percent sale going on IKnowStudio till 31st Jan. They are a newly launched brand and you can see my posts on them *here*. Just use the code IKSFLAT30

Friday, 18 January 2013


I again got featured in the IFB Links a la Mode this week. I hadn't submitted anything ever since the last time I got featured. So this is something nice to hear before I start the day. I will be visiting all the others who are on the list as well.  I think so should you guys.


Looking Forward


Edited by: Emily of Sugar and Spice
We’re already halfway through the first month of 2013 but that doesn’t mean bloggers aren’t still in reflective mode: creating resolutions for the coming year and looking to up-coming trends, whilst also looking back on the trends of 2012. There’s also a reflective element in many of the posts this week over blogging and how that might change over the coming year, not just on a personal level but more generally too. There’s also a good dose of travel inspired posts this week for those who are trying to beat the January blues and jet off somewhere sunny. And if you’re not jetting off somewhere away from the cold, make sure to check out the great how to layer below:



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Sunday, 13 January 2013

Lust List

A list of things I won't mind grabbing and making a run for it. This is not a cohesive outfit idea, it is more of a collage of outfits I am well lusting for right now. Help yourselves to them if you like. That's why I put them in a polyvore collage as it is easier to link back to the respective estores without much clutter.
And why is it so hard to find a white eyeliner pencil in Calcutta?!
Lust List

Lust List by debiparna-chakraborty featuring IKNOW blue ombre blazer

Friday, 11 January 2013

Not Doing It For Free

An open letter ..sort of..

i am an artist this does not mean i will work for free

I came across this on facebook and loved it. It's not only true for artists but bloggers as well. I mean the ones who are interested in doing collaborations with brands. Yes we give free footage to the ones we love and wear all the time but I am getting sick of all of you out there who wants to offer a link on your facebook page as "payment" to my services. A huge part of my blog is absolutely things I want to write about on my own but there is a small part of the broke me that won't mind earning a few bucks for a legit advertisement on my blog. There are some e-stores I like and I lose respect for them because they say I should do it for free because I don't have a certain number on GFC. I understand that and  I charge accordingly. I have no grand dreams of becoming rich through my blog. It's fun earning pocket money through something I love though. And what I feel like telling them but I think it is unprofessional to is that if my numbers are too low for you why want me to advertise for you at all! I am not obligated to advertise for you just because.
I do get contacted by lovely brands to work with often, but to all company PR people I want to say check my stats and if you see it is not high enough then do not ask me to advertise for you. I make exceptions for small or new stores who are still trying to get a footing. I am not saying offer bloggers money all the time, at least give a respectable offer, not a "we will put your link on our fb page where we have so many fans after you write about how much you love us and also can you put up our link and maybe even a banner if you don't mind". It's like being offered to be kissed after your pimples go away or where your gay boyfriend/girlfriend offers to tell their parents about you two when the said parents are dead.
However lovely you may think that is I will live without it, though I wish you all the best. No hard feelings, as they say.

Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Drew Barrymore Love

Whenever I get asked whose style inspires me the most a number of names instantly pop up in my head. I have mentioned time and again the things, decades, cultures, people who inspire me in general style wise lots of time here. But there has been only one person who wears things I can actually see myself wearing is Drew Barrymore. I have only of course seen her in photos and I love that woman and right through her teenage years I have loved everything she has worn. I once made my FB profile picture a vogue cover of Drew, the beauty and the beast edition and got made fun of. This was in school and we had all just found facebook, well to be honest facebook came into being around that time and things we did there mattered. So whenever I look at her photos I feel nostalgic and nostalgia makes me feel queasy most of the time so I don't do this often. Today is one of those rare days and I decided to talk about it on my blog hoping someone out there reading this would think, "ya, I hear you girl," while others go, "oh just another blogger talking about crap that is so not relevant in the 20-13," as they toss this page by clicking the tiny cross on the upper right corner and flip over to another tab where other enchanted things are happening. I am sitting here huddled up in my old socks and sweater thinking of clothes she wore and I care too little for the cynics and skeptics out there.
drew barrymore love

drew barrymore love by debiparna-chakraborty 

Tuesday, 8 January 2013

The Last Verse

Here's a really low res still from the film
Last year I assisted and helped out with costume and make-up in a short play called "Death Knocks" by my friend Malabi. This year our group Saffron Spectacle decided pretty last moment that we should make a short film for this competition. Today was the last day of submission. We shot the film in 2 days, did the recording on the 3rd and 4th day was dedicated to editing. I fell sick in the mean time and went into a bit of panic mode about the end product. But my friends calmed me down. I would say I learnt quite a few things in the past 3 days about making films which are even this short. I understand "81/2" a bit better than I did the first two times I saw it. I felt so strangely pressured thinking this 2 minute short would be my first film ever. I have relaxed a bit now. Hopefully this won't be my only film and I will have chances again later. This was our first film for all of us, the film making classes in my course haven't yet begun so I knew nothing about making a film. But truth be told I have felt very happy these last 3 days working with my friends whatever the end result and reaction from others may be and I know now with more conviction that I want to make more films in the future not just write stories or be involved in the costume department (which I still want very much).
Neither of my camera's memory cards are with me right now as I used those to shoot the film as you may have guessed. I will come back with a decent post very soon.

Friday, 4 January 2013

Some Random Awesomeness

 A few words

if your religion is worth killing for please start with yourself
i don't like mornings or people
the cure for anything is salt water

A bit of fashion

winged liner, nude lips, yellow, bow
Séville en Mantille | Chandra North by Mario Testino for Vogue Paris, November 1995
Vogue Hommes Japan: The Nomad
dolce & gabbana

And then goes catatonic for this...eeee

"Each time a woman stands up for herself, without knowing it possibly, without claiming it, she stands up for all women." 
Maya Angelou