Thursday, 12 December 2013

Links I Love

  1. Do you know what psychopomps are? I tweeted today it's my word of the day. Read about 10 psychopomps from ancient mythology.
  2. The world is not skinny vs fat. "Bodies Aren't Ugly. Bullying Is" campaign created by  "The Militant Baker" is a powerful photo series. Check it out here. There has been 588 submissions as I type.
  3. The Outsider by Albert Camus is one of my favourite books. The Outsider (aka The Stranger) and other really short classics that you should read up without any excuses.
  4. This Pantene #WhipIt campaign made by BBDO Guerrero that beautifully shows the stereotypes both men & women view each other through.
  5. Did you know: the first interracial TV kiss was in 1968 between Captain Kirk and Lieutenant Uhura in Star Trek. 10 memorable and defiant firsts in TV history.
  6. These women are the bomb!
  7. Loving these colour photos from the First World War.
  8. This tweet talking about the Indian politicians in the face of the recent LGBTQ debacle is appropriately funny.
  9. If you love Bollywood and think posters are an art form then this Minimal Bollywood Posters page is for you.

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  1. The Stranger is one of my faaavorite books as well!

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  2. Debi, you always share the most interesting things! I did know about the Star Trek kiss. The others, I did not. Thanks for sharing this doll.

  3. Thanks for sharing :)


  4. Oh wow, those colorized photos are so cool! It's so interesting to see how things look so different in color.