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Zivame - The One About How To Choose The Right Underwear

This is a post which is named like the episode titles of F.R.I.E.N.D.S. And I know for a fact that shopping for the right lingerie can be quite daunting and embarrassing, especially if you live in India where even today most lingerie shops are run by men. Even if there are women in the stores, they try to convince you that the largest size they carry would fit you if you are big breasted, and (I have heard) they keep trying to push padded stuff on those who have smaller breasts. Real incident - a friend and I went to this nice store in some mall asking for a bra that is seamless and won't show up from underneath fitted dresses. The response was that if we wear "such" dresses the underwear would show. I think we got shamed for wearing what we were by a woman who sells underwear for a living at a mall. I have had it.
 I don't usually talk about breasts publicly, but I feel every woman needs to know what is their actual size and I think I have figured it out finally after having read numerous articles telling people how to (mostly incorrectly) measure the underbust and cup areas. If you are not wearing the correct size then you might end up with some serious damage to your breast tissue, get scars from wrong underwiring and too tight straps digging into your skin and get back injuries from the strain or weird abrasions from constant friction against ill-fitting bras. And stop wearing hideous shapewear which does nothing but give you back pain, just stop!

Zivame shapewear
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This is where Zivame comes in. It is high time we had a space like this.
Read it in their own words first.
"Zivame is India’s premier online lingerie store, featuring over 2000 lingerie styles to choose from: bridal lingerie, plus size lingerie, every day wear, shapewear, leisure wear, nightwear and swimwear for women. ... The brand has recently launched an exclusive Fast Fashion range that has international styling and appeal.
Zivame is the one-stop solution for every Indian woman’s lingerie needs. The brand philosophy is based on the fact that an Indian woman’s lingerie needs change with age and stage of life that the woman is in. From the teenager just beginning to use a bra, to the college girl, career woman, bride or the lady on her way to motherhood, there's something for everyone.
Customers can also easily browse by category, brand, color, size and even choose lingerie by identifying what they want to wear it under! Zivame betters the offline shopping experience of lingerie by offering consultative content for all products with aesthetic images, allowing users to understand the look and feel of a product. With the use of detailed illustrations and images, customers are provided with all the necessary details to make a purchase decision.
Zivame also offers very inexpensive fast shipping and has a customer-friendly hassle-free returns policy."

The first time I shopped from them was when I had grown tired of having limited options from actual stores. Zivame has the widest selection and they are aesthetically pleasing apart from being efficient. Surfing the site is extremely easy. If you have a budget to abide by, if you have a particular brand, size and type in mind - it is just a few clicks and then what you don't want to see is eliminated from the search page. Custom searching doesn't get better than this. Here's the thing, they have bra sizes from a 28B to a 44FF! To make sure I get the right size I ordered a relatively inexpensive bra and I was apprehensive about its quality. I was surprised at the quality, perfect fit and support when it finally arrived. I have used its measurements as a reference point for my other orders. The underwire sits perfectly on the underbust region, the centre of the bra sits fittingly between my chest and does not rise up.
They also have the most beautiful range of shapewear that will fit your purposes. I went out for lunch with a friend who was wearing a Zivame shapewear underneath a beautiful fitted long skirt, it was not uncomfortable at all and she didn't feel any discomfort while we merrily stuffed our contented tummies with biriyani and kebabs.

Here is what she had to say about her shopping experience at Zivame (being a regular customer, I felt her opinion would be of great value to you all)
I really appreciate the sizeable range of lingerie on offer and their prompt customer service.Any doubts about my proper size with respect to a particular brand have been sorted out with efficient discretion. It provides a stop-gap solution for wearing backless or slightly outre clothing with their selection of certain tailor made products. In the Indian context where such issues cannot be easily mentioned without drawing undue attention to oneself, such features of the website are particularly welcome. The "notify me when product comes back in stock" option goes a long way in alleviating any unnecessary hassle over product availability. They have recently adopted a more secure and rigorous online payment option via debit/credit card which addresses any misgivings I might have had about financial fraud. The site seems to be taking nascent steps into the market of apparel retail and i would like to see greater variety of choices in that regard, particularly in their selection of patterned stockings.
However I do believe their delivery can be a bit awry and their notifications not always in tandem with their estimated time for shipping. In cases where COD option is availed of, it can require an unnecessary wrangling with one's set schedule for the day. Maybe these are teething problems but it would be best to address them asap so that it does not become a disincentive to shop from what is otherwise a most efficiently marketed site

Just so you know the female to male employee ratio at Zivame is 4:1. They have a donation system where you can donate Rs.10 every time you shop, that goes on to help underprivileged children and women across India. In India millions of women are still forced to use ash, sand or rugs during menses.You can also donate your old clothes. They are associated with Goonj. Goonj helps dignify this need by providing Sanitary Pads to these women.

Here is a chart I made for you guys with some bare essentials to arm you with when you delve into the online lingerie shopping world. But, do remember to check individual product measurements before buying. You may not be the same size for every brand. Always remember your own measurements in inches/centimetres for reference.

bra and cup size chart

Do let me know if you have any queries and I would love to help you out the best way I can.

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I was provided with a voucher by the company but the opinions are mine.


  1. Yes I think there are many women that don't know their exact size, I hope I am not one of them.
    The shaping dress was soo nice and clever idea.
    Stella from a A Shiny Place

  2. This was a fabulous post Debi. So informative. It's important to be properly fitted. I personally feel all people that work in lingerie shops should be trained before selling. It should be a requirement! Zivame sounds awesome. I love that they offer a wide selection of sizes and properly fit their customers. Again, this was an excellent post.

  3. I don't know my size but it's because I can't measure them...they are way too small ;-)
    Don't Call Me Fashion Blogger

  4. What an informative post. I love how you put so much effort to get each post together.
    And I completely agree about the shops in India. They make you feel like a monster. GAH THEM.


  5. I saw you liked my guest post on My Modern Vintage and I just wanted to visit your blog and say thanks! I love how you named this post after a Friends episode!

    Kate from Clear the Way

  6. informative :)


  7. Please come lingerie shopping with me next time. I'm sure I wear it wrong. But I also don't want to be the lady on the treadmill who has to cover her boobs while running just because they wiggle too much for her comfort! :-P