Sunday, 20 October 2013

Goodbye Gypsies

Most of the festivities are over. I overindulged in all sorts of heavy eating all those days and then went through a juice/smoothie cleanse yesterday. My internet was down and now it is back. So, what does that lead one to? Endless ponderings of the other kind, of course. Have you ever felt like you are stuck, not mentally, but physically in a place where you are surrounded by things, and people you are not being able to breathe in, because they are too insipid, like insipid tea which only ever smells like boiled water at the best? Somewhere from where you can see the door to another world, another dimension but, it is always closed to you, because a band of gypsies reached earlier and are not letting in any more new spirits, they have formed their own song, they don't want to share the tune with you? Do you ever feel this way? Where inspiration pours in and suddenly tips all over the carpet rug and I loose it all, all of a sudden, just like that. I see photographs captured in this matte red and yellow world, the people in it, people I assume are happy people, people I can breathe in, but, they won't let me in. More importantly people I won't ever walk up to, I would hang back and enjoy this lost world, other world feel, and assume they are not insipid even when they are, even they are as sad as anyone can be, even when they seemed that way only because the photograph said so. This is one of those posts where I do not talk about fashion, lifestyle and try to be someone I desperately want to be, maybe I already am that person most of the times, but this is one of those posts where I talk like I am some author painting this world where only your imagination and your eyes will help you to travel to. I am not romanticising the gypsy lifestyle, I am just wishing I was living on the other side, living a romantic life, where I touched a golden thread and cocooned my existence in it, where everything I created aspired to be a part of such a fanciful world .
Don't you wish it too sometimes?

avon gold bracelet
the one where I cover my eyes as if with a golden veil or simply put, the preview for the next outfit post
feeling like flapper girl

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  1. Yes, you do not know what I want?
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  2. So lovely, dear friend.

  3. I do! All the time Debi! I definitely know how you feel and how frustrating it can be. You can see it, but you're not there. I guess the time is not right. It's hard to say. If it's meant, it will happen.

  4. Yes, I do feel the same at times,currently I am lost too, but we all need to pull out of it . that's the story of life.