Sunday, 6 October 2013

Thoughts On Food - Talking of Foodpanda And Zaranj

Non-Indian readers may find this post hard to understand as I am talking about regional food and not giving much backstory to make it any easier for you to understand it unless you are already familiar with these. I apologise, but you can always ogle the food on display and leave behind your thoughts on how your life has become easier thanks to takeout/home delivery services.
In my last post I mentioned how my friend and I merrily stuffed ourselves with kebabs and biriyani when we went out for lunch a few days back. The restaurant was Zaranj, it has been in this city for quite a few years and I have never been there, even though I knew I had to after hearing my best friend (who is very particular about what she eats and the places she likes to eat out at) rave about their biriyani so often. I love biriyani and kebabs. We had talked of going there for quite some time, but for some reason or the other it didn't happen till recently. The food was delicious. The lamb was tender and falling apart from the bone, the curry in the rogan josh was too good. There are very few who can make lachcha paratha perfectly, and here they did it just the way I love it. I am usually very picky about my kebabs (my palette does not match with a lot of people and I am fine with that, we all get our kicks from different things), by far I have had the worst, kakori kebab in Marco Polo, and the best, murgh malai kebab in Sarson (they revamped their menu, removed some of our favourites and I am not sure they still have this on the menu). The jugalbandi kebab in Zaranj was pretty nice, but it was a bit dry and we were not crazy about the malai kulfi either (I am not a fan of malai kulfi to begin with). But, we were there for the biriyani and rogan josh and that was heavenly. I am definitely going back there as soon as I can.

mughlai at zaranj

The thing is, some days when going out to eat is out of the question, you might crave different cuisines, and the only nearby home delivery places here offer Chinese mostly and average Mughlai cuisine. Recently Foodpanda has been advertising a lot on TV. They are an online home delivery portal with the goal to combat this very problem. Now I live in a place where I have to order even pizza online, pre-paid and all, otherwise they do not deliver it here. Foodpanda is very new in India and are still expanding. Till a few days back Calcutta was not even on their list of cities where the services are offered. They are finally here and I am waiting desperately for them to increase the number of restaurants one can order from. All you have to do is enter your city's and area's name and they will list the places and their menus from where you can order from. The best thing is there is a cash on delivery option which is what makes it so beautiful. I have forever wanted a service like this one. I am glad it is here finally and hope it grows fast. Here is a post by Ashrita of Caramel Wings who used the site successfully.


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  1. Yumm..m so hungry..n salivating while i write this..but since its navratri ..i cant eat non veg.. :(
    Lucky u..hope today's event was fun.


  2. Looks Yumm!! I love the Black Dal and Laccha Parantha of Zaranj!

  3. Why would you put yummy food pictures like this? Its been SEVEN years since I've eaten biryani i like...You are me are so getting together and going on the food binge as soon as we meet!

  4. Food Panda sounds like an awesome service Debi! I think they will definitely grow as time progresses. We have a service like that here and they are constantly adding restaurants. That food looks sooo good! Glad you enjoyed.

  5. yummmmmii...:P want to go to that place for a bite :)