Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Ultimate Comfort

When it comes to days where I just couldn't be bothered to dress up I tend to reach for the batwing sleeves I have lying in my closet. The loose overall thing just hangs on you, no pressure to sit straight or walk without slouching. I just throw it on top of a white or black vest, don on the ever dependable blue jeans (baggy or skinny depends on the mood), step into my flats and grumble out the door. Well all this is for days where I have to go somewhere where pyjamas or hippie pants are not acceptable. 
So this my ultimate comfort outfit for when I would rather curl up with ice cream, a good book and some good TV show.
What is your ultimate comfort outfit for days you cannot completely slouch it out?
Ultimate Comfort

Ultimate Comfort by debiparna-chakraborty

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  1. I have a big baggy tshirt from jealous 21...its long and so comfy! I just put that came with a cool bkue necklace which makes it look stylish too ^_^

  2. My comfort outfit is kaftans, the sister of batwing sleeve. I am hanging around most of the time in them.

  3. Great stylish optiond, dear friend.

  4. Me piace gli occhiali!

  5. Believe it or not my ultimate comfort outfit is a saree, n m not just saying it coz of So-Saree.
    I have been wearing my moms saree since school days. it helped me hide all the flab around my hips n arms. n know what it didnt even cost i just had to walk to my moms closet n alter her blouses..n i was good to go.
    I love bat sleeves too. good choice.

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  6. Loving this post
    Your blog is amazing, just stumbled across it now
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    If so just let me know and I'll follow you right back
    Have a wonderful day
    Much Love
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  7. For me it's usually just shorts and a tshirt. I have loungewear though. Love that top and those shoes! :)

  8. The above look is comfortable without looking that you wore the first thing you found.
    I like jeans, flats and a loose top when I am not in the mood for dressing up.
    Stella from a A Shiny Place

  9. great selection!!! love the round sunglasses!

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  10. Fashion is comfort. <3
    My idea of comfort clothing would be a slouchy sweater, jeans, a tiny necklace, hair in a messy bun and ballet flats.
    Pretty much similar to what you picked out there.


  11. Casual wear is often a department I need help in. but I just got my first ever sweatshirt last winter! (it has sequins on it though, just a few!)
    Chic on the Cheap

  12. Track pants with oversized tunics and gladiators with a bag where the entire world fits in. Period.

  13. Haven't visited your blog in so long... but I've been keeping up via twitter!

    I think close toed shoes offer me the greatest amount of comfort!

    7% Solution

  14. This is a cool comfort outfit! I love wearing pyjamas : )

  15. my ultimate comfort outfit is Freddy's Trackpants and a simple white tee,,, totally love it.
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