Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Earn Cash For Shopping Online

Now just hear me out. I bring you supremely good news. How often do you shop online? The rush of getting something new, something you have wanted, needed for so long –  finally yours! Dang then you see your bank balance and the upturned smile hits a downward pit. What if you could get a cash back on top of that 10% (15%...etc, etc) discount when you purchase something online? Sounds good to me. Cashkaro is a unique site which offers just that.
Cashkaro has different categories: fashion, mobiles, travel, electronics, flowers & gifts, books, restaurants and even insurance & finance! It has tie-ups with over 150 major brands. Their parent company is based in the UK, which gives them access to many international brands like Expedia, Hotels(dot)com, Hilton and many more. No other cashback site in India gives you access to these brands. And they are constantly adding new e-sites.
It is very easy to navigate. If you are looking for a specific online store and don’t want to scroll through all the other offers then just type in the name of the store, e.g. - Zivame in the search box and all available offers will be shown in one page. Here’s an example –

Log in to your free Cashkaro account, search for the e-store you want to buy from, click on the link provided and shop normally. They will automatically track your shopping activity as long as you purchase something via a click through. The moment the "cancel order" period is up they will add the cash to your account and notify you as well. Really, you are doing no work, they do it for you. You just need to click a couple of extra buttons and links. It does not get any better than this. A free popsicle to anyone who can point out anything easier.

How is it different from other coupon sites?
Well, you get cashback on top of the discounts. Isn't that great?

How do I get the cash back?
Whatever amount is on offer gets added to your Cashkaro account, once the amount reaches Rs.250 you can withdraw the funds. 

Why on earth are they giving me free cash?
When you click through the 'Click here to get cashback' button on Cashkaro to shop at your choice of e-store, say Myntra, then Cashkaro earns from Myntra. In appreciation they return a certain amount of cash to you (on top of the discount you just got, remember that). Think of affiliate marketing blogger friends, but only better somehow.

It is absolutely free to join and you earn for shopping at sites you would be buying from anyway.  And it even has a referral program. You earn 10% of whatever your friend will earn once you have referred them to Cashkaro for the rest of your puny existence. I know I will be using this site a lot from now on.
Nifty, eh?

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