Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Anne French Shea Surprise Convenience Hair Remover Kit

It has been some time since I reviewed a product properly over here. When Anne French asked me to try out a new kit they have launched recently I agreed. I hate waxing let me tell you upfront right away; it hurts and I feel it is unnecessary torture for something as insignificant as body hair. Blech! I remove my body hair by shaving whenever I am about to wear sleeveless, if it is summer, if I am wearing a skirt, shorts or a dress.  I used Anne French the first time I was bothered to remove my leg hair, they looked like hairy man legs (I don’t like hairy man legs, not even on men, personal preference; one can stay as hairy or non-hairy as they love. Peace).  But the problem with hair removal creams was the messy application process; spatulas just don’t do the job the right way.
The thing about this latest kit is that it includes an easy-on applicator that can be attached by replacing the normal cap of the tube and it also includes a skin polishing sponge. This easy-on applicator makes application a) smoother, b) faster, c) absolutely non-messy. And the sponge works. The whole kit costs Rs.60 (about $1)
I did a little experiment (the things I do for your benefit and of course because of ample amounts of free time).  I shaved the left leg and applied the Anne French cream on the right one. I just sat there in front of the computer working on this and that for 10 minutes after applying the cream. The minimum time allotted is 3 minutes and max is 10, since I have tree bark thick hair on my legs I kept it for 10. Then I walked over to the bathroom (a vision none of you unlucky sods will ever see) and used the wet sponge to remove the hair. TIP:-Keep soaking the sponge in water and cleaning it in between wipes, the excess water washes away the removed hair. The thing with both shaving and using a cream is that the root is left behind and the hair starts growing back after a day, which is fine by me. The right leg, where I used the cream and skin polishing sponge, looks more polished (I honestly can’t think of any other word) and moisturized than the left one even if the growth is the same on both the legs. So the sponge does work as I said earlier.
1.       No chemical smell
2.       The sponge works
3.       The easy-on applicator is awesome, helps in spreading the cream easily.
4.       Mess and fuss free
5.       No irritation (test it on yourself though first if you have sensitive skin)
6.       You can apply it sitting in a chair (no waiting awkwardly in the bathroom from now on)
None really

Anne French Shea Surprise Convenience Hair Remover Kit

 Let me know if you guys have used this or if you have any hair removal tips and tricks.
And would you guys like a free kit to try out on your own?

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  1. This actually looks pretty good, I never seem to have much luck with this type of product for some reason! xxx

  2. err honestly, i can't see any real difference from the picture :-/ I particularly hate the strong pungent smell these hair removal products have and I too stick to shaving whenever necessary. This one sounds really nice, might give it a try. A free kit would be more than welcome, i guess.

    1. that's because visibly there was a minor difference, but it was the touch the side with anne french felt smoother.

  3. I am yet to try this. Seems like a good product :)

  4. WOW Debi! I'm super hairy too, thanks to my father. HAHAHA I've been shaving for so long because home hair removal systems have been disappointing. This one sounds and looks like a dream. So glad it worked for you. I've never heard of that brand. Excellent review!

  5. I have tried once a hair removal cream but I wasn't satisfied with it.
    First time I see this product you're reviewing.
    Stella from a A Shiny Place

  6. beautiful post and blog :) If you want to win a dress you can visit my blog

  7. I have tried all hair removal products.With hirsuteness and a hreditary wing of thick hair.I have found peace with the one and only Waxing(temporary) and Laser(permanent). These creams have worked great for my friends , but definitely not me.

    The Random Waves Of My Fashion Kaleidoscope

  8. I have been looking for a good hair removal option since a long time now. Veet and Anne French have this signature smell I hate. This looks good. A free sample would be just great! :)

  9. after reading this ,i think i wanna try this product, though not a very big fan of hair removing creams! tooo lazy even for that! :P
    Btw ur legs look amazing Debi :)

  10. Oooh, love this! Always looking for cool new beauty tips!