Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Pastel, Most Prominently

You would not be very surprised at what I am about to tell you. I do not really own any clothes in pastel shades. I do have pastel nail colours, but lately I do not even wear those. Do I hear cumulative sighs or a disgruntled grunts? Was it really a surprise? No? Never mind with all these questions. So, I got thinking while browsing e-shops that if I did own anything pastel what it would be. It had to be something where I will not be able to cheat and wear something black in the mix. I also spotted a rainbow a couple of days back so that may have had something to do with this stroke of inspiration.
Dresses ← that was the answer. I mean I could throw in black shoes or nails in the mix but the overall look will have pastel most prominently.
Look in your wardrobe. What is that one thing you do not have? You cannot name something you hate, it is obvious you will not have something you hate to begin with. Look for something that you maybe do not love that much, but that your wardrobe is crying out for. A balanced wardrobe will have options that can be worn for any occasion with as many different dress codes. Your wardrobe should have 80% things you love to wear, 10% basics and the other 10% which comprise of a mix and match of the rest of the things you love, but never remember to spend on and then frump around when you do not have that something to wear to that certain somewhere. Makes sense? I think it does.

Dresses - Persun, Mango

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  1. I am not much of a pastel person too! But I do have a few! That first maxi dress! Sigh! Which site is it from?

  2. I love that white maxi dress from persunmall...I think I don't have a single monochrome piece in my wardrobe...

  3. I m a complete pastel much so..that my mil will always say that i wear clothes fit for a funeral. ;)
    but i laugh it off n continue flaunting them. i love them.

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    1. i am pretty sure we cannot wear any of the things i listed above to a funeral. these are too cheery for it.

    2. this reply made me giggle ^^ im your opposite :) i like pastel colors a lot and i like the ones you picked above, esp the minty blue dress

  4. HaHa Debi! You not having pastels is not a surprise. However, I do see you in beautiful colors, which you have shown here. I didn't have any mint green in my closet. So I recently purchased a dress and pair of shoes in that color. Still haven't worn them though. HAHAHA Great post doll!

  5. I LOVE pastels.......!! Though I don't have THAT many pastel pieces, but am slowly building up my collection!! :)

    That skull bracelet is SO you!

  6. Quite interesting collection , white maxy looking great....

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  7. I like the mint dress from the above collage.
    I don't own many pastel clothes but I like the colours.

  8. Love your blog! now i follow you on bloglovin , do the same if you like me..
    Kisses Andy

  9. Love this set!

  10. I can't imagine someone would hate pastels (since I love them so) but if I had to come up with one person, it might be you. I'm very surprised that you don't hate pastels since I certainly can't imagine you in that traditional "twee" blogger wear.

    As for me... gosh, I really have no idea. I have items from so many styles due to my changing styles over the years.

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