Thursday, 11 July 2013

Four Seasons Wine Trail

This Saturday, the 6th I attended another Wine Trail organised by the Four Seasons Wines and gained my Wine Trail Enthusiast certificate (not kidding, now I am a certified wine enthusiast). It happened at The Conclave's Rose Room this time. Read a few details about kind of wines, grapes used and the difference between old and new world wine differences *here*. There were a lot of bloggers there, the room was divided between exclusive food bloggers and lifestyle bloggers. But of course the event ended with everyone clicking everyone's photos and everyone else posing for the said photos.
The late afternoon wine trail was hosted by Mr. Peter Mitter (Region Manager-Trade Marketing of UB Group), who recognised me as a complete wine lover and introduced me to the others present that way. I had a huge smile for that acknowledgement. He knows almost everything about wines and as it happened the last time, he guided us through the different Four Seasons Wines, their flavours, aromas and what to pair them with best. I like their white wines and their rosé the best. It is not as easy to come by rosé here as far as I know, so I like that the Four Seasons Blush (their rosé) is easily available. I usually go to this one store in South City Mall, so I may be incorrect.

wine glass

white wine

kolkata bloggers

anupriya dg
pic c/o Shreya Goswami
kolkata bloggers
pic c/o Anupriya Dg
poruing white wine

four seasons blush rose wine

Below is a photo of what we had with the red, white and rosé wines from the Four Seasons range.
wine and food pairing
  • Serve your wine at 8-16°C, the room temperature of Europe not India, people! (just use your brains and you will know why. Would you like your coke served hot? No. So...)
  • See. Swirl. Smell. Clink. Sip.
  • Arouse all your senses while enjoying your Four Seasons Wines. (Any wine would do. Just pick up a bottle and begin the journey if you haven't started on it yet)

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  1. omg..the last pic..has made me really hungry..!


  2. I like your dress and hair Debi.
    Did you get dizzy with the wine?
    I can't take many glasses!
    Thank you very much for your nice comment on my blog! I follow you on Instagram too of course!
    Stella from a A Shiny Place

    1. i am not an alcoholic but i can handle my booze nowadays...specially i don't get dizzy.

  3. lovely post...muahhh...thanks for putting those cute pics....i loved the tagged one! :D

  4. ou cheers! ^^ hm i dont think i should use the word cheers if were drinking wine.

  5. Wine is an acquired taste, at least here in Gujarat.
    I like wine we have a family tradition of brewing wine in our house. (grape wine)

    1. absolutely it is an acquired taste...many people find the taste repulsive..and that is an awesome tradition i say..

  6. A woman with many talents! I studied wine at college years ago but I'm afraid I just select it by the price and the pretty label! x

  7. Lovely post! Yayy we are certified wine enthusiasts!

  8. The pictures came out so lovely :D
    And yeah, you mean the Spencers at the basement?
    We really had nice time, you looked absolutely adorable...^_^

  9. kooooooool pics :-)

  10. We did have a good time indeed.......specially once the food arrived! ;)

    But, ei puro post tay amar ektao chhobi nei! :'(

  11. I am more of a beer drinker. I get drunk with just a glass, lol

  12. I really really miss those event man! Lovely writing as always and I can understand the fun you all had :)

    Bong's Belleza

  13. what a fabulous event debi! i love that they had different type of bloggers there. what a great way to connect. i also love that you're certified! woo hoo! great pics and the food looked really good.

  14. great...i missed out on this trail....hopefully next time

  15. i love those kind of events! drinking wine is a great way to unwind :) gorgeous photos by the way!

    Let's connect at GFC and BLOGLOVIN'

  16. I had the fun-est time! Going out with you girls always makes my day! And yeah,the food was in demand for obvious reasons. ;-)