Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Shop The Ramp

How often have you stared at the model sashaying down the runway and wished to get your hands on that particular design she is wearing? Countless times. How often had you had to resign to shop for something similar from some high end store instead? Well that's all great and wonderful if you are someone who would rather spend on that than an original. Do I hear you yelling at me, " Of course I would love to own the original! Who wouldn't!!?". But where do you get your hands on it from? In your dreams obviously unless you are one of those lucky sods who have exclusive access to the magical designer back stage where these clothes fly off the ramp into the hands of the highest bidder. Huh! Errr...provided that's how things work. No? They don't? Okay then lets go back to dreaming. Or...stay tuned and read on laddies (according to UrbanDictionary this is what ignorant people think the Scottish call each other all the time -_-')... 

Shop The Ramp

Shop The Ramp by debiparna-chakraborty on Polyvore

Ever dreamt of being able to exclusively shop next season's collections straight off the ramp ? So far, you might have resigned yourself to the fact that this will probably remain just that, a dream. Now no longer.

Converting your dreams to reality for the first time in modern history is www.shoptheramp.com, launched by three graduates of the prestigious Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur; who left plum jobs in management consultancies and investment banks to dive head-first into the ethereal world of Indian fashion.

ShoptheRamp is a unique concept that brings legendary Indian designers and their ardent devotees closer than ever before in an unprecedented celebration of creativity. This uber-luxe website allows its by-invitation-only, creme-de-la-creme clientele to pre-order next season's, straight-off-the-ramp collections of top Indian designers today through limited-time online trunk shows, run days after the conclusion of the physical fashion show. Fashion-lovers can place their orders for any of the pieces in the collection by paying a booking deposit up front and — voila! — three months later, the items arrive on their doorsteps in a stunning package, before anyone else can lay so much as a fingernail on them.

The site hosts an eclectic mix of styles with top fashion mavens such as Agnimitra Paul, Niki Mahajan, Manoviraj Khosla and Nida Mahmood, among several others, already on board. A big part of ShoptheRamp's appeal is the freedom it gives shoppers to select directly from designers, rather than from a group of styles edited by a retailer. From the designer's perspective, this provides them a platform to sell their most creative pieces that are not typically ordered by more conservative retail buyers.

Not only does ShoptheRamp carry forward the legacy of the couturiers of a sepia-tinted era, who mesmerized the erstwhile maharanis with their timeless drapes showcased during private trunk shows, but also successfully blends it with the increasingly important modern phenomena of online retail. The result is the quintessential elixir that fashionistas will surely savor for the times to come. 

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  1. I think that it's so awesome, they bring those coveted styles to the everyday consumer. That's really nice!

  2. im sold im checking the website out!

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  4. Great idea, these dresses are very beautiful!
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  5. It's nice to be able to order a collection in advance.
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  7. cool post...if i ever need a fashion tip, i would consult you :P

  8. Sounds awesome!!! Now if you only told us how to get the money to buy these clothes! *sigh*

  9. wait till i figure it out myself...that might take 10 more years though..:P

  10. Such a nice post! I like it so much! : )

  11. Hey there! Loved this post. Being a fashion junkie myself, I often enjoy the clothes displayed by designers on runways but purchasing them this easily was almost out of question. But thanks for this link, its very useful & will look forward to more of your posts. Probably it was the bong-connection which got me keen to visit your blog, but hey didn't know that we also have a common love for fashion! If you get the time, do visit my blog sometime - it's www.spotlightxoxo.wordpress.com Cheers!

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  18. I'm not a huge fan of most runway pieces, but there are certainly those jaw dropping awe inducing ones. Wow... to think you could own them!

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  19. That is great Debi..Hope to see you soon :)


  20. Wow, great idea and site. Thanks for sharing ^_^