Friday, 24 May 2013

Friday Link Love - Body Acceptance

"Wabi-sabi suggests that beauty is a dynamic event that occurs between you and something else.
Beauty can spontaneously occur at any moment
given the proper circumstances, context, or point of view.
Beauty is thus an altered state of consciousness, an extraordinary moment of poetry and grace."
  Leonard Koren, Wabi-Sabi: For Artists, Designers, Poets & Philosophers
Okay people you know I am a big girl in a world where people generally bash on all kinds of body types, be it skinny or fat or everything in between. You all complain about your flab or untoned arms and big thighs and whatnot irrespective of what size you are. And I always tell you to love yourself regardless of what a few petty people have to point out. Self love is a right we all need to practice because we are awesome! Yes it is ok to feel crappy on certain days, we are not bright yellow daisies with sunshine shooting out of our orifices that we have to be bright and cheery everyday. Don't let any moron tell you otherwise. Don't let the moronic voice in your own head tell you otherwise. Work for the body you want to have or don't work for the body at all and love yourself regardless of it. You deserve it!
Here are a few links I came across the internet that will cheer you up.

beauty doesn't have a weight limit
A guy can pick you up off your feet, and it won't break his back.
Wearing whatever you want is a political statement. Join the revolution. Throw style rules out the window. Wear the tutu. Wear the horizontal stripes. Wear the turquoise skinny jeans. Wear the see-through blouse. Wear the bikini. Wear the sweat pants. Wear the shirt that says “Does this shirt make me look fat?”. Wear whatever it is that makes you happy. This is your life.
You are fucking beautiful. I'm saying this with a straight face and seriously meaningful look where I maintain eye contact for an uncomfortable amount of time. I know you don't feel like you fit into the category of gorgeous that our world creates. I know that its hard. I know that its a daily battle. But fuck their fascist beauty standards. The second you stop looking for a skinny model in your mirror and start looking at YOU... is the second you will start to appreciate what you are. Stop looking for flaws. Stop looking for differences. You are perfect. You are more than enough. You are the best thing that has ever happened to you. And you are fucking beautiful.
(read her blog she is awesome! she is so going on my Inspirations Online page) 

attractive and fat

Hey Mike, I know you've been flooded with mail regarding your comments on sizeism, but I wanted to take a second to write you about a project I've been working on.
P.S. If you would like to offer me a "substantial amount" to stop wearing your brand so my association won't "cause significant damage to your image", don't hesitate to email me. I respect you as a business man, and my agent and I would be happy to contribute in furthering your established success.

P.P.S. You should know your Large t-shirt comfortably fits a size 22. You might want to work on that.

dagmara dominczyk and patrick wilson
❝Because yes, the idea that you must be a size 0 to be sexually desirable to an attractive man is hurtful and damaging. But what bothers me more is that it's just dumb and untrue. It's not that Lena Dunham is living in a fantasy world. It's that her critics won't open their eyes to this one.

I do not watch "Girls". But I felt the controversy regarding this issue of how women who are not sizes 0-4 are not attractive to men who are conventionally good looking was relevant to this post. I also like what Patrick Wilson's wife Dagmara Dominczyk said about the whole issue.

Wrapping up for now with this : Romwe Memorial Day Sale, 20%off selected items from 05/25/2013 to 05/27/2013
 Summer holidays are coming and that means beach, sunshine, barbecue and more.
Are you ready for your holiday with bikinis, sunglasses and hats?
Well get on with it! You can't be thinking of hiding inside now, can you!

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  1. You'd have made a really good motivational speaker/writer,you know!

  2. Great post!

    New post on the blog:

  3. I hear you, sister! I wouldn't touch that naff, slogan emblazoned crap with a bargepole anyway. Its strictly for gormless teenagers who follow the crowd. xxx

  4. couldn't agreed more!!! no matter what size, confidence really matters:))

  5. Hey Debi! Yes, the important thing is for the person to be comfortable in the body they are in. Be happy with yourself! There will always be someone who disagrees! You can't please everybody! So do for YOU!

  6. inspiring, i could totally relate to his quote and feel inspired!: )

  7. Absolutely! Our body is the most natural thing we are born in, whatever it may look like. My husband and I were just watching some fawns bouncing around in the back yard. The doe somehow just gave birth to them, no doctors in tow. Just totally natural. All the doe cares about now is feeding these fawns and making sure they learn to walk and run. If we could only move beyond the cultural obsessions with bodies and just accept them as a fact of nature. Then we could move on to more creative and ground breaking ideas to push mankind forward! -- J xxx

  8. You couldn´t be more right.

  9. After this post..i love u more..!
    Even I have struggled with my weight for the longest time..n it still continues..but i think i have learnt to accept myself the way i m.

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    Now that I've blinded you with caps. I totally relate with this, you know why, you've read often on my blog.

    And this reminds me of something I wrote for the college magazine. You're one of my favourite bloggers because you're unafraid to talk about it as well and I love that. :)

    Amazing post DEBI.


  11. well done. I could so relate to it, have been through the same phase in my life too..Hats off u ..xoxo

  12. beautiful post, I so agree. We have all been victims of this idea of being skinny (I myself fret all the time over the extra flab). We should eat healthy, workout regularly to love a healthy life and love however our body is.

    I infact did a post on the same topic long time back, do share your views: NOT A SLAVE TO SKINNY

  13. Nice post :)

  14. Really good post!
    Ha! In your face Mr. Jeffries! Such a cocky a**hole...
    I don't like the A&F clothing anyway.

  15. I'm honestly sick and tired of all the people judging others by their weight. I've been skinny whole my life, and all I hear is: "you look like anorexic, so unhealthy". Well, fuck you too!
    People are dumb, that's a fact, but that doesn't mean we should stop loving ourselves, no matter what size we are.
    Great post :)