Wednesday, 1 May 2013

ELLE Coffee Mornings, Calcutta

ELLE indiaOn 28th April, that is this Sunday I was invited to an exclusive preview of ELLE Fashionwear's Spring Summer 2013 collection hosted by friend, blogger and designer Anupriya DG (of brand Howrah Bridge and
blog Chappals vs Stilettos). The venue was the ELLE store at Forum Mall and there were lots of cupcakes, coffee and stylish people posing for my camera. In the midst I posed for a few clicks as well. It was an absolutely fun day which ended with momos and thukpa at lunch. 
The collection had beautiful denims, candy colours were all over and so were tiny fruity and floral prints on cotton. All in all the collection is ideal for an Indian summer, a summer which has already bestowed blisters on my face instead of the so much hyped about summery freshness. At least May Day being a holiday I got to stay home, sifting through and editing all the 200 something photos.
Other bloggers in attendance - Anupriya, Sayantani, Deepa, Soumi, Shayoni. There were other style enthusiasts too but I am just including Shreya's photo from the commoners(yes I did just use that word) because I madly loved her craziness. She has rad DIY skills!
Enjoy the photos
they were so soft
clutch bags from Elle S/S 2013 collection
clutch bags from Elle S/S 2013 collection
Anupriya DG - the one who made it happen
Elle shoes and bags
Deepa and I; pic c/o Soumi
Casual Elle tee
Elle Denim Collection
paper fan decorations
paper fan decorations?
the Shreya!
sold for shoes overweight intellectual
Soumi posing (what she does best) in an Elle Denim Dress, Belt, Shoes, Stole as turban
eastgradcreative deepa
Soumi and Deepa posing some more in Elle clothes
live laugh dressup
Sayantani, Soumi, Deepa..the latter 2 in Elle attire
Sayantani, Shayoni, Deepa..the last 2 again in Elle attire
Sayantani and I; pic c/o Anupriya


  1. This looks so much fun! I love those clutch bags and that denim playsuit. Indian fashion bloggers are far more unique, beautiful and colourfully dressed than their British counterparts! xxx

  2. This must have been nice indeed, especially when you're surrounded by Elle clothing and accessory :)

  3. Lovely! This looks like so much fun. They didnt have the amazing looking cupcakes in Mumbai !:(

    Good to see all of you together.


  4. Naaaah Debiiii i am so happy for you, it must have been a great experience!!
    Don't Call Me Fashion Blogger

  5. Debi, you and your friends looked so awesome! I literally LOVE what everyone is wearing. The colors are so beautiful! Ok, I know you're going to send me a package!!!! HAHAHAHAHA I want that cupcake, casual Elle tee and blue clutch! HAHAHAHA Just kidding with you. I think!. LOL Glad you had a great time doll!

  6. Ahh the pictures remind me of Gossip Girl. All of you look so glamorous!

  7. Great event!
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  9. Yay!!! It surely was a fun fun day!!! I'm so glad you guys enjoyed so much!!! :D

    And may I say you looked really really pretty??? :*

  10. Just found your blog through sweet&bitter. Great post, looks like you girls had a great time! LOVE super soft cup cakes :D. Following you now ^_^.

  11. Kitni sweet pics hain.....khush kar diya tumne ..... ^_^

  12. Can't wait to go for a similar event like this one... :*:*

  13. You've been going to so many amazing events lately! I'm envious.

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  14. amazing pics, looks like one hell of a day.

  15. Great blog, nice atmosphere, interesting here with you. :) Regards! In my note of
    extraordinary event involving historic steam locomotives. You are cordially invited! :)
    I hope you enjoy it. Kisses.

  16. fun!!! those cupcakes, omg!!!

  17. wow,how cool r ur sunnies!!! And those cupcakes yumm. We had this event in Delhi too..
    Thanks so much for ur comment on my blog !
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  18. I loved the cupcake pics! Looks so yummy!