Tuesday, 8 January 2013

The Last Verse

Here's a really low res still from the film
Last year I assisted and helped out with costume and make-up in a short play called "Death Knocks" by my friend Malabi. This year our group Saffron Spectacle decided pretty last moment that we should make a short film for this competition. Today was the last day of submission. We shot the film in 2 days, did the recording on the 3rd and 4th day was dedicated to editing. I fell sick in the mean time and went into a bit of panic mode about the end product. But my friends calmed me down. I would say I learnt quite a few things in the past 3 days about making films which are even this short. I understand "81/2" a bit better than I did the first two times I saw it. I felt so strangely pressured thinking this 2 minute short would be my first film ever. I have relaxed a bit now. Hopefully this won't be my only film and I will have chances again later. This was our first film for all of us, the film making classes in my course haven't yet begun so I knew nothing about making a film. But truth be told I have felt very happy these last 3 days working with my friends whatever the end result and reaction from others may be and I know now with more conviction that I want to make more films in the future not just write stories or be involved in the costume department (which I still want very much).
Neither of my camera's memory cards are with me right now as I used those to shoot the film as you may have guessed. I will come back with a decent post very soon.


  1. Making a movie, has to be an mazing eperience

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  2. Wow....hope to see your movies soon! Please please PLEASE let me do the costumes when you become a hi-fi movie-maker! Pretty please???? :))

    1. haha..sure..but that's so far away still!!

  3. This is awesome! I can't believe how quickly you shot the video and edited it accordingly.

  4. Debi, I think that is so awesome! I can definitely see you doing screenwriting and directing! You could make some fabulous stories! Drama's, documentaries, biographical. You would be awesome at it!

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  6. I think it's awesome that you're perusing your dreams. If it's possible, I'd love to see more of the film. It looks beautiful.

  7. So excited for you and your film! Congratulations on this. I hope you and your friends create and produce many more. Who knows, your feature length film might not be too far away ... - J xxx