Friday, 25 January 2013

Four Seasons Wines And Adrenalize 2013

Day : 19th Jan
Venue : Tolly Club
Event : Adrenalize 2013 (The Annual Tolly Gym Party)
Host : Four Seasons Wines with ITC Sonar
Motto : Drink, Dance, Drop

I had the time of my life in this party last Saturday. I did drink and dance but I also worked. I took pictures for my bloggies as well as myself in between every sip and beat. So much seems to have happened since this evening. I wish there was another invitation to head onto. I am clutching a snug pillow as I type this because seasonal depression guys! I won't bore you with all the details of my misery but I sure will tell you all about the line up of events at the party last week. As I read the down the list here's how it went - a wine trail that ended in prizes for the winners, watching junior equestrians in action, learning all about wines from the Four Seasons Wine experts (but I covered that in this *post*), learning to cook special dishes and their pairing with Four Seasons from the chefs of ITC Sonar, grape stomping and scintillating beats of DJ Happy to dance to the whole evening.
And here are all the photos I took..I am not in them but (I found a decent click with my face in it on Megha's blog) I was wearing my studded collar chiffon top which I showed *here*.
Fellow bloggers present were - Soumi, Megha, Deepa, Animesh and Ritesh [who turned out to be an Ex-Pointer(my school - South Point and we are known as Pointers and yada yada yada)! And there I was blissfully ditching my high school reunion that very evening! *sighs*]

Signing off with loads of thanks to Four Seasons Wines and Ginger Claps for hosting this event and inviting me to it to get drunk. Thank you!


  1. You guys seemed to have a lot of fun; great pictures!

  2. Hi Debi,

    Quite an event this was, I wish I could have attended it as well. You guys had a ball of a time.
    So, the food was also prepared with wine? And how was the wine itself, heavenly? :) :) :)
    Thanks for sharing the lovely clicks :D

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  3. Good food, dancing, wine and great company, no wonder you are all smiling! What a great event. x

  4. The pictures just look happy and trippy!

    Love the candid shots!

  5. Wonderful photos I feel like I was there too! :)

  6. oh wow debi! food, wine, great company and gorgeous horses! delightful indeed!

  7. I really like the atmosphere and the lighting of the pictures! theyre wonderful