Sunday, 20 January 2013

Feeling Hippie/Happy

I should ideally be on a detox after last night(a post on that will come up soon enough) but well I am not. I have made friends because of this blog I can actually dance with without inhibitions. I suck at all that jazz unless I am around people I can relate to on a certain level and am comfortable with.
I have found some great photos on fb and tumblr since I woke up this morning. Yes Sunday mornings are reserved for all this only. Also FYI there are people for whom it is impossible to take bad pictures, I am the opposite.
These photographs are all on my tumblr so you guys can go check that out if you like.Try and relax the last few hours of the weekend. This Sunday has been positively crisp in attitude for me so far. ♥

jim morrison in a  flower crown
janis joplin in headband and teashades
hippie blowing bubble

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  1. Nice Pictures.
    I'm a huge fan of Jim Morrison.
    My Blog

  2. Yes,last night was epic! Can't wait for Feb! Thanks for everything. Oh,please mail me the pictures at,please. I need to write the post within six days. See ya. Love.

  3. You are actually a very serious blogger. Contrary to the impression u gave me last day, u blog almost daily....

    PS- Btw, if u did take any pic of mine with the group, can u plz mail it on

  4. These are such great photos that really capture the vibe of hippies. I followed your Tumblr!

  5. Perfect pics !


    Coline !

  6. cool pics! xxx

  7. For the millionth time...I wish I could be there with you guys!!!!!!!! :'(

    Anyways....Hippie is the li'l peace sign at the end! :)

  8. Now I'm looking forward to your other post... >.<

  9. I can't wait for part 2 hippie happy! :D

  10. You put me in the zen mood after seeing these pics!

    peace out:)

    Shubhi's Revels!