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Fashion Designing

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In Fashion Designing Reputation Is Key
Fashion designing has recently developed into a bustling industry, which is brimming with creative and artistic minds. But has it ever occurred to you, what carves the way for a successful fashion designer in this busy industry?
The saturation and opposition is both high in the world of fashion designing. Therefore, it takes more than sheer talent to lead the way to success. Having an aesthetic niche is not the sole requirement for being a fashion designer. There are many other factors that make a designer stand out from the crowd.
 Making your mark as a young designer can be challenging. The obstacles are endless and the opportunities are few; the first step to proving your ability is to recognize it yourself. Know what you are made of, and what you can offer to the ever evolving world of fashion.
Build your reputation as a young designer; this will be the foundation to your career:
Know Thyself!
Distinguish your forte in the industry; a person’s inborn talent could make him lean toward anything ranging from couture to jewelry designing. This is the setting stone for a young designer’s repute. A designer without an extra oomph is of no use to the industry. Recognize your spark as a designer, so it can become the highlight of your portfolio.
Everyone has a different talent, some might like designing for the young crowd, whereas others might cater better to the tea-sipping aunties. Know your niche, and polish it to perfection!
Stand Out from the Crowd
Some designers are known for their glittery personas, whereas others are famous for their unique personal style. Others are known solely for their hard work and immense talent that shines on the runway. Personas and personal styles come naturally, and cannot be made-up; however, the latter is in your hands. Stand out from the huge crowd of young designers that are churned out from fashion universities every year.
Reputation is Key
Unless you are John Galliano, you will never be given an opportunity with a scarred reputation. Be known for your outclass work, sense of fashion, and hard work. Stay away from major reputation disasters like drug scandals and criminal charges.
Reputation holds paramount importance. Before a renowned fashion house hires you, they will conduct a general and internet search on you. Try gathering honest comments about yourself on the internet. Online reputation companies are also at your disposal, and watching on Vimeo gives an idea of how they can help.
Survive in the Wild
You are not alone in the fashion industry. You will have co-workers in fashion houses, bosses, and even subordinates. Learn to work in a team, listen to others, and respond with your opinion. Young designers who can work in a positive and healthy way are the fittest to survive in the fashion ecosystem.
Remember, anyone with outstanding talent will make it to the top. It does not matter if who specialize in something that isn’t the hot cake in fashion today; fashion houses look for new and brilliant ideas, so keep yourself prepared with an immaculate profile. You never know when it is your time to shine!


  1. Hi Debi,

    Indeed, reputation, name, authority all speak volumes about any person, not necessarily in design field. However, it does take time for an individual to earn this name and make a mark for oneself.
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  2. I absolutely agree with you, once your image is tarnished it is very hard to make a comeback.

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    1. it's not by a blogger..a media firm i work with sent me you said it's pretty relevant so i published it.

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