Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Drew Barrymore Love

Whenever I get asked whose style inspires me the most a number of names instantly pop up in my head. I have mentioned time and again the things, decades, cultures, people who inspire me in general style wise lots of time here. But there has been only one person who wears things I can actually see myself wearing is Drew Barrymore. I have only of course seen her in photos and I love that woman and right through her teenage years I have loved everything she has worn. I once made my FB profile picture a vogue cover of Drew, the beauty and the beast edition and got made fun of. This was in school and we had all just found facebook, well to be honest facebook came into being around that time and things we did there mattered. So whenever I look at her photos I feel nostalgic and nostalgia makes me feel queasy most of the time so I don't do this often. Today is one of those rare days and I decided to talk about it on my blog hoping someone out there reading this would think, "ya, I hear you girl," while others go, "oh just another blogger talking about crap that is so not relevant in the 20-13," as they toss this page by clicking the tiny cross on the upper right corner and flip over to another tab where other enchanted things are happening. I am sitting here huddled up in my old socks and sweater thinking of clothes she wore and I care too little for the cynics and skeptics out there.
drew barrymore love

drew barrymore love by debiparna-chakraborty 


  1. Drew Barrymore who knew!
    That is unexpected, but she has an eclectic style!

  2. OOOO Drew Barrymore! I quite liked the inspiration board here!:)


    Bong's Belleza

  3. Drew Barrymore is my hero! My mom took me to see ET at the movies and I totally related to her and grew up with her. I always loved her different looks. No matter what color Drew dyed her hair and such she ALWAYS was cute. Those poochy lips and bubbly personality added to her beauty. She's a little more settled now, but still speaks her mind.

  4. At first, she doesn't seem like the kind of person you would be inspired by, but it seems like I've forgotten a lot about her style! I love her with untraditional hair colors.

  5. At first, I didn't associate her with someone who would inspire you but with those pictures you posted, I get it. I love her with unnatural hair colors.

  6. Oh well!! I like her A LOT too!!! :))
    So am definitely not gonna click on that tiny cross, girl!