Wednesday, 30 January 2013

5 Pieces That Keep You Fashionable And Warm In The Winter

Keep Warm In Winter

Keep Warm In Winter by debiparna-chakraborty

When the winter weather takes us by storm, it can be difficult to plan afashionable cold weather wardrobe. With a bit of planning, it’s easy to bring your fall outfits up to season with the addition of a few seasonal pieces. This approach will allow you to revamp your wardrobe while saving a bit of cash.
1. Heavy Tights or Leggings: A pair of high quality heavy knit tights or leggings can keep your legs as warm as a pair of jeans. But unlike a pair of jeans, they’ll allow you to bring your favorite spring and summer dresses into your winter wardrobe. Just put on a pair of warm tights, your dress and layer on a blazer or chunky cardigan. A draped scarf completes the look. Because high quality tights and blazers can be quite expensive, you’ll be able to snag a better deal on these pieces of clothing on Price Grabber.
2. Classy Trench Coats: The power of the trench coat can be wardrobe-changing. A nice trench coat can make passersby assume that your salary is a few thousand higher than it actually is. And, it’ll fool your friends into thinking your last minute black tee and jeans ensemble is an effort to be sleek and chic. In order to get the most out of the trench coat, purchase one that fits well in the shoulder and hits above the knee. Pair it with a large handbag that features a pop of color and a scarf that focuses on texture.
3. Scarves and hats: A dowdy winter outfit can be easily transformed with stylish accessories. A slouchy hat can give your outfit that fabulous flair. An oversized cascading scarf can provide your outfit with a hint of femininity, especially when paired with heeled knee-high boots. A chunky scarf adds a layer of warmth, both fashionably and literally.
4. Boots. Whether you like them tall and high or low and flat, boots are an essential to any stylish winter wardrobe. Investing in a good pair of boots allows you to tread through snow without feeling a thing and simultaneously transitioning your fall wardrobe into the cold of winter. Tuck skinny jeans into tall boots paired with a simple tee shirt and a belted cream cardigan. Add an oversized scarf to finish the look.
5. Winter whites. Wearing lush white sweaters set against the background of fresh snow makes quite a statement. If you feeling daring, wear white from head to toe. However, to wear winter whites in a casual way, you can start with a slouchy white cable knit sweater paired with white jeans, camel toned tall boots, a cream scarf and slouchy hat.
Just because there’s snow on the ground doesn’t mean that you should buy a new wardrobe. You can keep warm during frigid weather while keeping a fashionable look. Simply purchase a few weather-appropriate accessories in the right hues and it’ll allow you to transition your fall wardrobe into the winter.

This is a guest post but the collage was done by me


  1. I'm loving that dress and the coat! They would be perfect together!

  2. Monochrome with colourful quirkiness, love it, well done, you've a great eye! x

  3. love the dress! it's beautiful
    nice blog

  4. Nice tips! I love scarves and all sort of coats :)

  5. I dunno why but the thought of a winter wardrobe overhaul always seems to fill me with happiness but then the biting cold sets in and I start getting cranky. I love your collages Debi :D

  6. OMG! Who makes that trench coat? I'm in love with it.

  7. I love a great trench coat and tights? Well, I hate wearing hosiery in general so right now it's mostly like jeans 99.99999999% of the time.

  8. amen to the heavy tights! i'd be in snow suits if i didnt have a cute pair of fleece tights haha. and i like the look you whipped up- especially those sweet boots!

    xo Marlen
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  9. I kind of love everything here... but especially the trench.

  10. i have tights in almost every color. hahaha i love them.