Monday, 31 December 2012

My Style Rewind 2012

My favourite outfits/details of 2012

red plaid shirt
plaid, mustard kurta as top (a bit of indian crossover to western), bold pink lips
bow tie
monochrome, bow tie collar, geek glasses, metallic/zebra print gladiators, sheer blouse, slouchy pants, blue nails, nude lips
red ombre hair
red ombre hair, teashades/lennon glasses c/o firmoo, ankh necklace, blue ommbre shirt, shorts, crocheted vest, ombre feather earrings, silver bangles (a bit of indian crossover to western), bright red lips
ombre donut stole, beanie
beanie, boots, wrap around studded/chain bracelets c/o romwe, yellow ombre scarf, purplish red  lips
skull neckpiece
thumb rings, skull & axe/garnet/beaded neck pieces, printed skirt, black nails
coloured hair streaks
beaded bracelte, blue & purple hair streaks
oversized brown top with bat sleeves,ombre feather earrings, green nails, purple lips
studded bracelets
printed top, wine red pants, hollowed cuff c/o romwe, green & black nails (KFW Day 2 outfit,not featured on blog before)
Wish you a very Happy New Year!

Saturday, 29 December 2012

2012 - Spinning And Ending

2012 was not that bad a year for me. It didn't fulfill all my silvery dreams. But it was not bad either. I have seen some rough ones so all in all I sailed along just fine in this one. It was not so for several other women out there. And what do I have to thank for that? The sheer dumb randomness of my birth and the unseeable rightness of being at the place I was at when something dark and damning happened somewhere else. Oh yes like every year I have learnt, grown, wilted, made merry and cried with hopelessness that nothing good will ever come of my existence. I have wiped those tears and gone to places I never thought I ever would. I have realised that who I was has evolved but some parts have only matured to be only more refined. I felt no nostalgia when I left behind my school and schoolmates. I felt none this past year as I left behind my graduation class. As always I am proud of my wisdom which I had even at 15-16. The ones you are friends with always keep in touch be it over days, weeks or months, over land or sea or a different locality. I don't quite comprehend my own tone in this post. Maybe it is cynicism mixed with a bit of dark humour. Well all of us are not shiny and sparkly. But hey, I make merry!
Some photographs I took recently

I have already bid farewell to 2012
I promise to remain painted this coming year. I promise to continue drinking, wearing hemlines that don't reach my knees (oh woe me!). I promise I won't let you say my right to revolt is in shambles and get away with it. I promise you our eyes are on all you sexists, misogynists, chauvinists. I promise not to be anti-men even when you are being anti-women. I promise to try to educate you. I promise to provoke you to do away with your mental myopia. I promise the cause of women is not going to be the only cause I devote my time to. I promise to try to teach you I am not a cardboard character you have "painted and dented" in your mind for ages to suit your version of who I should be so that you do not feel powerless. Some victims die, some survive, I promise I will fight for and alongside them all. I promise I will fight for a better society till the day all my bones turn to ashes.

Friday, 28 December 2012

I Did-I Did Not-I Want

Whenever I make wish lists I know I won't be getting everything and I will be getting over some of the things I wanted by the time I come across them/have the money to splurge/have the urge to move my ass and do it. I was going through some of those lists I made last year and I realised I have done quite a few of them. The ones I really wanted to anyway.

I Did
  1. Get a pair of round sunglasses
  2. Get geek glasses
  3. Get a purple lip colour
  4. Get a few flat shoes and one with a real low wedge heel
  5. Feel good about myself no matter what shape and size and encouraged others to do the same
  6. Find out I look and feel utterly idiotic in head scarves. Have not given up on finding the 1 scarf that changes this perception however
  7. Rock boho waves
  8. Get more things black
  9. Indulge in the whole oxblood trend. Over the trend, not over the colour. I mean wine red is 1 of my most favourite colours
  10. Get an ear cuff which, well doesn't fit. So wasted money there.
  11. Get a few more prints in my closet this year
  12. Get ombre red hair. Which reminds me I need to redo it as it is more of a ombre burgundy now
  13. Upgrade to a dslr as it seemed well overdue (and well the point & shoot got stolen/lost)

I Did Not
  1. Get any favourite photo framed and hung on my wall
  2. Get a cape coat/anything with a cape :(
  3. Scream in my underwear out on the street on Dec 22nd that "I'm alive!"
  4. Read up more about the occult/mysticism
  5. Get anything velvet this year. The dress I had in 4th/5th/6th(?) grade and the 1 skirt I stole from my sister unfortunately do not fit me
  6. Yet have a metallic dress/top/socks/shoes :(
  7. Get a tulle skirt. Maybe I don't want 1 anymore
  8. Get printed leggings

I Want

1. Something Yellow

Emma Chapman
2. High Waisted Acid Wash Jeggings

Alyssa Lau
3. Something With A Lace Hem

Jennifer W
4. Baggy Rolled Up Boyfriend Jeans and Loose Fit Knit Sweater..well and the beanie

no idea..found the photo circulating on tell me if you know
5. Matte Pink Lipstick

same as above one

I have had all this pinned on my pinboard for a while now as I would like to have them all. I'm also thinking of something with a baroque print on it. Not so sure though.
What are the things you did - did not - want to this past/upcoming year?

Thursday, 27 December 2012

Lusting For Party Casuals

I am lusting after an outfit like this one right now. I am not a NARS loyalist, I haven't even used anything by them. But I hear they are a good brand and I find them in plenty on polyvore, hence lazy me uses them for a collage. I hope you guys had a super merry time during Christmas and its eve.
party casual

party casual by debiparna-chakraborty

I am going to head over to yebhi to see if I find something nice. If I do I will use the coupons from here - 27coupons. If you keep looking around enough then you are bound to come across something that you never knew you wanted to begin with (yes me is feeling very filmy right now:D )

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Thursday, 20 December 2012

Let's Fade Into The Sun

I picked up this shirt up when I went grocery shopping. At first I thought it's a cheap shirt I can wear at home but I have been wearing it out quite a bit because it's so comfortable. I wore this on diwali (for all who wanted to know what I wore then, I don't remember ever wearing traditional on diwali like all you do, I just was never told I should by my mum. She always told me to wear things that are made of cotton, are loose and have the minimum chance of catching fire while bursting crackers. I still follow that rule). I got this ombre donut scarf a few weeks ago since I am slightly obsessed with ombre. It's officially winter so a new scarf wasn't going to hurt. As for the post title, it's from the lyrics of a ♫Lenny Kravitz song.

Shirt - Random Store
Scarf - Stalk.Buy.Love
Beanie - Pantaloons
Jeans - Shopper's Stop
Boots - Catwalk
Necklaces - Gifted & Shopper's Stop
Wrap Bracelets - Ebay & c/o Romwe

And here's me fading into the sun

Monday, 17 December 2012

Faux Insta Week Makes A Return

So my last attempt at making fun of insta week posts was pretty well appreciated among you folks. So till I get to using instagram(a new phone is somewhere around the horizon I guess) I may as well give a homage to it again. I got this new Coloressence Aqua Makeup Base Foundation from Flipkart (click for coupons from 27coupons, you can use them for your next purchase!)

1. The Sixties In Pictures (bought it when "The Hobbit" was cancelled & we had to kill some time), 2. Garnet Necklace, 3. Coloressence Aqua Makeup Base Foundation, 4. Donut Ombre Stole, 5. A Preview Of Next Outfit Post, 6. The Perks Of Being A Wallflower (read it from the library then bought it)

In an ideal world children would not be harmed, murdered, beaten up, exploited, abused, raped, starved. Irrespective of gender they will get a good education and grow up being taught we are all equal and do not deserve unequal love, respect and levels of education based on the sole difference of our gender/sexuality. A world where 15 year olds are not gunned down because they demand their right to education. Yes this is utopia because this is not how this world is, this is not how our world is.

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Thursday, 13 December 2012

Beanies All The Way

I love beanies. I have for some reason never featured them here. Well I haven't featured a lot of things I love yet. So I can be forgiven. It is the right amount of chilly outside to put on your beanies and pile on your scarves and chunky knits. I am featuring some of my favourite bloggers out there wearing the very amazing beanies! Well I was wearing a beanie in this post but it isn't really the focal point.

Stacey Belko
Natalie Suarez
Madeline Pendleton
Dylana Suarez
Brit Nason
Bebe Zeva

See ya later!

Monday, 10 December 2012

Prints And Perks And A Nation Of Coupons

We all love a good bargain for quality products, don't we? Well you can head over to places where you get good deals going all the time and get relatively low priced items. But what if you can get additional discounts on top of everything? What comes in handy then? Coupons of course! Cuponation is a site that provides you with coupons you can use on a plethora of websites like Fashionara (for top designer brands)  Bestylish (for the widest selection of shoes), Inkfruit (for a great selection of fun and quirky T-shirts), Flipkart, Dominos, Snap Deal, Lenskart you name it! It's very easy to navigate through the site and they even have guides to help you out on how to use the coupons. It's the new destination to help you save so that you can spend on that dream project/vacation you have been planning for awhile. Well what do you know! They even have coupons you can use on travel websites like Expedia, Yatra and Clear Trip and so on. It is free to join and you can subscribe for newsletters to get regular updates about new offers and a few exclusive coupons. Next time you go online shopping don't forget to keep Cuponation open on the neighbouring window.

This is a sponsored post but the selections are mine