Monday, 29 October 2012

Durga Puja 2012 Photo Diary Part 2

As mentioned before I am back with just a few more photos. Today is Lakshmi Puja and college opens in a couple of days with an array of exams and presentation which I am in a very good mind not to give.

ghouls and disembodied eyeballs at Hindustan Park Pandal
at Hindustan Park Pandal - me on the left
entrance to Hindustan Park Pandal
Hindustan Park Puja
Hindustan Park durga
interiors of Singhi Park Pandal
Ekdalia Pandal
bubble seller (last year)
sandhi puja
tunnel of lights

Saturday, 27 October 2012

Durga Puja 2012 Photo Diary Part 1

For those 6 days (panchami to dashami) everything 'real' was in suspension. It was just like we had let go of time and were in a world of our very own. Endless adda sessions, dressing up in new clothes and eating like the world will end after 24th. "What day of the week is it anyway?" got the answer "Who cares anyhow?!"
The whole city was an endless tunnel of lights. Every para was engrossed in their own puja pandals. Every one of us had plans to spend the days with friends of recent hours, of hours past and family we hadn't seen in a while.
But it all ends, every year it does, and we wonder every year how the days went by so fast. But the lazy days continue till at least Lakshmi Puja (which is this Monday I think). I just remember sleeping the whole day yesterday.

adi ballygunge durga puja
park circus durga (with left to right-ganesh,lakshmi,saraswati,kartik)
street lights
deshapriya park durga
deshapriya park pandal - entrance and crowd
deshapriya park pandal
have you seen a motor bike with a sidecar in real life?
people on their way

Thursday, 25 October 2012

Howrah Bridge & Birthday Wishes

Here's to my best friend! The most awesome person I know, have known for close to 2 decades now.

an impromptu photo i took when she was chatting with her sis at her place

Kurta From Howrah Bridge by Anupriya DG ~ featuring Rashmirekha

I will do an outfit post some day wearing this kurta which I am in love with (do you see the pocket?)! Till then check out some of Anupriya's other designs here.

she can also be a rockstar

Sunday, 21 October 2012

Outfit Of The Day -Panchami

I wore this on Panchami, i.e friday..Feeling a bit Kallol Dutta meets countess of gloom..I love the skirt! When I saw it hanging in the store I instantly thought of Sabyasachi Mukherjee and the flow of his garments. I may look a bit crazy in these photos but I forgot or smile or soften my features.

I am in a bit of a hurry now. Jetting out for another puja day out. It's Maha Saptami after all.

Friday, 19 October 2012

Streets and Sights - Once Again

The durga pujas have officially started again.
[read my other posts related to durga puja *here*]
I picked up my first designer kurta from Anupriya this morning (will feature it soon here). Went out with a bunch of friends and gorged on chocolate. We even did chocolate shots!

chocolate shots..I wouldn't have minded a bit of tequila in it :P
style spotted: my friend swarnali
Went out with my mum and sister for a couple of hours this evening. I am looking forward to sharing all the photos! I am sharing just a few. Can't wait for tomorrow to start guys!

Maddox Square; truth be told I didn't want to go there. I thought this was the Triangular Park puja before getting in. I hate the crowd here. You always bump into someone from school!

just to give you an idea of the crowd we saw today only


Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Tutu Skirts!

These two have got me craving for tutu skirts!

Gabi Gregg of GabiFresh

Tanesha Awasthi of GirlWithCurves

How awesome are they?!

Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Shopping Dud at

Midway in June I was contacted by the people at Rooja to become a member and they also wished to know if I would be interested in featuring them on my blog. Having read a couple of good reviews about them I agreed. I am always looking out for e-shops based in India as I can't shop from sites based elsewhere through paypal or a credit card (since I don't have one as of now).

About Rooja is a membership by invitation fashion boutique that holds brand specific sale events at 10 AM everyday. Each sale lasts for a 3 - 7 days and offers up to 60% in discounts. What's awesome? membership is free!

Rooja’s Products
Rooja delivers hand picked selections of apparel, accessories and shoes. We bring you the best of brands and designers from all around the world at discounted prices.
Rooja’s Promises
Strictly Imported International Brands & Designers + Select Indian Designers.
Carefully chosen products.
100% Authentic Supplies.
Stringent quality control before dispatch.
Full refund or store credit? Your choice.
A customer service team that loves to interact and is hungry to serve. We are always waiting for your call.

This is what my experience was like shopping with them : I finally got around placing an order on 28th September. I ran into some problems placing the order but the on desk help promptly sorted it out for me and I had received a confirmation mail. I received my package on 10 October. But to my utter dismay I had only received the ring I had ordered. The other package, beautifully packaged in bubble wrap and ribbons, even though it had my name and address on top carried someone else's order. Instead of the bag I ordered I now have someone else's shoes. That someone lives in Pune. How do I know this? I also know her name, address and phone number since her invoice was inside the box. God only knows where my details are at this moment. I live in Calcutta! These cities are in two opposite directions and our names are nothing similar. I am wondering how the goof up could happen.
I emailed them instantly and they said they would arrange for a pickup from my house soon. It's 16th October. I haven't heard from them since. I have to keep the whole parcel with the box and envelope intact. 
I had thought I would wait till the whole mess is sorted out but I don't know when that will happen. All I can do is update you guys later about what happens. They did say (and according to other blog reviews) that this doesn't happen often. Well I hope not.

How is the collection? - It is quite good and the brands keep changing. So there is a fresh stock every week or so.
How are the prices? - Some are on the high end (above 10,000 for designer items) and some are quite reasonably priced (as low as 350 - 5000;approx). No cheap stuff though.
How is the product I did receive? - It is as it looked in the photos and in good shape.
Would I shop here again? - I doubt that. Though they have some really cool corsets right now. heart ring

P.S. - Well guess what! As I was typing down this post another parcel arrived. The bag is here. Though the delivery man said he wasn't given any specifications about picking up the other parcel.
The bag is 20cm in length and 19 cm in width contrary to what is mentioned on website "Size: 30 cm length, 20 cm width."

I appreciate the hand written note thanking me for shopping there and hoping I love my ring (yes this one came with the bag) and to contact them if I need to.


P.S.-I was provided with a gift certificate by the company but the opinions are mine

Thursday, 11 October 2012

BPFT 2012 - Raghavendra Rathore & Fix You

It is a "Fix You" kind of day. I will wrap up BPFT today with an outfit post along with it. Think of this as an intended photodiary post.

Raghavendra Rathore
His collection Club Jodhpur

raghavendra rathore with his showstopper Debi Dutta (who now goes by Kyra Dutta..don't know why,don't ask)

 And there is me..looking and feeling witchy

Anupriya took my snap
And there is Anupriya, Ayantika and Sayantani..Megha left before the last shows so no show in photo..

And this is me signing off..I love the lights at night

P.S.-I don't like drinking murky tea. Clogs up my mind. Yes I am being crazy.

Monday, 8 October 2012

Blenders Pride Fashion Tour 2012 - Kolkata - Asmita Marwa

Asmita Marwa

Inspired by Woodstock. Tinted glasses. Headbands. A little bit of hippie chic love.

i love these flats..and the pants..and the overall floaty awesomeness

asmita marwa (left with her showstopper

 P.S. - I once took a test and they said I was too clean to be a hippie.