Saturday, 30 June 2012

Something Borrowed

Some days you just love staring at sunny photos. You sit by the window, close your eyes and listen to the silly birds humming silly songs. You think of the ways to do something better. You listen to songs and lose yourself in happy thoughts. I have started this thing where every time a bad feeling starts taking over I shake it off and ignore it completely.

My sister's mustard kurta tucked into my jeggings covered under my dad's plaid shirt

If you can't change all the NOs of the world, you can at least highlight all the YESs in your head

the beatles

Friday, 29 June 2012

Return of Retro Hair: The Crimp

Honest confession : I love crimped hair and also super voluminous hair. I have hunted down several tutorials on youtube for achieving both. (Once I ended up with both & all my friends kindly told me I looked mad). So when I was approached by Very to do this post I was like "awesome!".

For many of us, the idea of crimped hair stirs up distant memories of teenage sleepovers and rad ‘80s music. But when it comes to creating the coveted ‘bed head’ look, crimping is back and it’s bigger than ever. Geri Cusensa created the modern crimping iron in 1972 for his A-list client Barbara Streisand. While curls and waves were considered to be romantic, Babs was looking for an edgier style to help her stand out from the Hollywood set.

get this styler here
This new hair tool helped her to achieve a voluminous and textured effect that quickly became a hot celebrity trend that could be achieved by us as well.
While Jodie Foster was adopting the crimped look to complement her oval face, British fashionistas were snapping up the iconic Babyliss crimpers in record numbers to copy the A-list look. The dominion of ultra-straight and sleek hair in the 2000s saw crimping fade into background, with our crimpers gathering dust under our beds – along with our leg warmers. But with textured hair once again taking over the catwalk, crimping has returned as a socially acceptable form of hair styling and a great way to achieve retro-inspired style.

Here’s how to update the crimped look, helping you to avoid a frizztastic feel:
- Wash and thoroughly condition your hair. If your hair is prone to breakage, spray in some leave-in conditioner for a bit of added protection.
- Towel-dry as much as possible then blow on a cold setting until ¾ dry.
- Mist your hair with a thickening spray for a bold ‘bed head’ look.
- Avoid crimping your entire head, which will make you look like an extra from the Wedding Singer. Instead leave your roots and fringe straight, crimping random sections of your hair to add texture. Try not to crimp the very ends of the hair, or else the intense heat may leave you with split ends.
- An easy way to update crimped hair is to pull your hair up into a high ponytail. But avoid this if you have thick hair, as an edgy crimped look can easily become a frizzy mess.
- If your hair is severely damaged, the crimping look can be achieved without heat by plaiting your hair into tiny braids. Set aside a couple of hours for this and carefully make all the plaits uniform, or else you risk ending up with an uneven crimped effect. Which screams 80’s schoolgirl in a very bad way.


Sponsored Post but I do love crimped hair a lot!

Thursday, 28 June 2012

Thunders and Skulls

I passed out for about half an hour and woke up on hearing the rumbling noise of thunder(I need to get that as my alarm tone pronto). I walked out thinking "ooh ooh rain and storm!" but it was like a sound effect gone wrong in some movie you downloaded from some sketchy torrent site; sound of loud thunder synced with a sunny afternoon scene. Hopefully it is raining somewhere and the evening would be cool and windy atleast over here. Well this is the skull scarf I got from jabong. I really like it. I also like that my hair tips which were coloured red a month or two ago are showing in the first picture. It's time for a red bath again..soon..soon..I will have pronounced red ombre hair

yes I do smile in real life.but I like the colour of my hair in this picture.

these are my you can see I have no nail colour on.I'm giving the nails a break.
woohoo a full body shot!yes..yes I will clean the mirror soon.
just showing I did have other charming expressions to offer the camera even when I was a kid.the red fort acting as my background
Meanwhile the cobrasnake
courtesy : the man repeller
If you haven't heard of him then you live on the other side...of the internet

Saturday, 23 June 2012

Perceptions,Facts,Beauty,Pure Beauty

Our Twisted Perceptions

weight stereotyping
Glamour mag USA - weight stereotyping

The Obvious Fact

If Barbie was an actual woman, she would be 5’9” tall, 39” bust,18” waist, 33” hips, size 3 shoes. Barbie calls this “full figure”, likes her weight at 110 lbs at 5’9” tall, weighing 110 lbs, Barbie has BMI of 16.24 & fit the weight criteria for an anorexic. She likely wouldn't menstruate. If Barbie was real, she’d walk on all fours due to her proportions. Slumber Party Barbie introduced in 1965, came with a BA scale permanently set @ 110 lbs with a book entitled “How to Lose Weight” directions stated “Don’t eat.”

The Beauty Spectrum

Irving Penn - Alexandra Beller, 1999 and the pits of tumblr

As much as we get targeted and judged for the way we look we get equally judged for the way we dress. Our personal style is the most potent way of letting others glimpse into our personalities and who we are as people. So being judged for that is not something to be waved aside casually.
Say No To Fashion Bullying with FAB Fashion Against Bullying! They mailed me a few days back and I think their initiative is commendable. As fashion and style bloggers several people around the world has brought in a perspective and that too with phenomenal strength into the mainstream thinking about fashion and body image. It is not about hating something you do not resemble or relate to, but about accepting them and respecting the difference. I have never been that fat girl. I am a person with strengths and weaknesses, likes and dislikes, opinions and silences. I will always respect you no matter how different you are from me as long as you respect me or someone else who is vastly different from you.
"Being judged for your look because you don’t dress like everyone else is no joking matter. Remember when you were still in high school? Maybe you might have been a victim of such bullying yourself! "Weirdo", "ugly", "short", "nerd", "fat", “fag” are words that bullies often use to hurt.
It’s time to make a difference now. Take a stand & be an inspiration to those who are still suffering in fear silently. Give them courage to be strong. Let your photo contribution & words of encouragement be the light of hope for them, because hope is good. Hope is always good."

And I am wrapping up with this ... you may not understand the language..but I have too many goosebumps not to share this with you..give it a try even if you do not understand the words.
I think my heart will explode..beautiful,brilliant do not begin to describe this rendition of Aankhon Ke Saagar by Shafqat Amaanat Ali heart and body are actually aching with a words are neither eloquent nor poetic enough to translate the beauty and passion contained in this..

Don't forget to wash away the dust of everyday life from your soul today

Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Shopping Satisfaction at Jabong

I have been searching for a good extreme hold hairspray available in the Indian market. I just naturally assumed I would find it here as well. Wrong. I didn't even find it on any online store, it was out of stock in most places. I finally found it on and while I was at it I browsed through their other stuff and found an awesome stole with skulls and bones print. I threw in something for my mum as well. I got an order confirmation code on my cell, got an email and also got a call confirming the order in like 10 minutes of confirming the order. I didn't want to take out my card and so I chose the "Cash on Delivery" option. I didn't think they would ship all the things so fast! I got them the very next day. The delivery guy called first to make sure I was okay with accepting the delivery at that time (it was late at night & I thought why not, he's probably nearby and otherwise he would have to take another trip in this area again the next day) & I didn't realise it would start raining so hard within a matter of minutes. I was about to call him and tell him to come later but before I could he was already there.

Thumbs up for good service and super fast delivery. Another thumbs up for very very secure packaging.
I got loads of bubble wrap with the order. I love bursting them! Don't ya'll? So they get total brownie points for that too. These are the 3 things I ordered...
1.The black stole
2.Fabindia Aloe Vera Under eye gel(for ma)
3.Gatsby Extreme Hold Hairspray
I can't find any of them listed on the site anymore. Maybe I nabbed the last ones in the stock. I fully recommend this site as I'm currently eyeing a few more things I will order once I have a bit more money saved up (hope the stuff is still there then).


P.S.-I was provided with a voucher by the company which covered the partial cost but the opinions are mine

Saturday, 16 June 2012

A Slice of Life This Side of Paradise

It's very windy outside now. The evening is setting in. It's been a dank and depressing day. It rained in the early hours and gave us a windless, humid day. When a storm is gathering it's such a sight. I can just sit for hours watching the clouds getting darker and heavier, the light trickling through here and there..and then when it starts raining the thunder and lightning is so beautiful...I hate the muddy aftermath though...That day we were near Victoria when the storm started..

Victoria Memorial Hall before the storm started that day
a tanga driving past a cab as evening fell that day
just an old picture
another old picture
same here..this one was taken at dawn..all from my mum's garden

This is a pasta dish I made the other day. Basically I had a packet of brussels sprouts and I didn't remember why I bought them. So I headed over to Smitten Kitchen to hunt down a recipe that has brussels sprouts in it. This is the recipe I roughly followed. I held back on the onion and wine and added the pasta because I had it lying around for so long..garnished it with fried bits of bacon, dried parsley and dill..and dinner was ready for 2 nights in a row.

Wednesday, 13 June 2012

A Summer Theme

Just searched for generic terms like sun, red umbrella, silver armour ring, grunge boots, orange wig, lemonade, tunic top, spiked necklace, green lips, bindi on Google and picked the pictures that popped out to me. I'm sitting here creating a collage with a summer theme and hoping when I am done it starts raining. Saw these awesome shorts on Nicolette and I'm in love! A couple of Beatles songs etched on it too...along with the "Scream" painting by Edvard Munch..

I bit into that white icecream stick and saw the pink inside and I was like whoa I have to take a picture! So that's it for now ... adios!

Tuesday, 12 June 2012

The Forgotten Days

I want the late summer afternoons. I want to sit on the roof and see the sun finally bid goodbye to the day, to say hello to someone else in some other place. I want to smell that warm, fuzzy, sweet (imagine the sweet warmth when honey trickles down your throat) air which is fresh and loaded with the promise of a fun evening before we head over and sit to study. I want to sit at the edge of the roof and see the pale moon become darker as the birds return home forming a shadowy silhouette against the darkening sky.

I want to see the cloud gather and turn the sky inky and feel the anticipation of the cool raindrops on my face. That smell when it rains on the hot and tired earth rising up in vapours lifting up your spirit with it is just so special and makes you feel special just for being able to breathe it in when you are sitting in this tiny corner, all forgotten. All the days and evenings are lost and more will come only to be lost again. That is the beauty of nostalgia. You will only remember the comfort they caused and help you mask over the weariness that you feel now. The warm sun, I want to drink in the warm sun, not the humid air that surrounds me. But I don't want the heat and hailstorm and the fear of washing away or falling down. I don't really want the stones and thorns, I am just thinking of the red summer skies and the kites, the red, blue, green, white and black kites.

Thursday, 7 June 2012

For Things Which May Come

I don't know when it started and how but some day I decided I will make my own decisions about my life and shoot down others' opinions about my choices no matter how shaky, undecided and scared I felt at the moment. I have a habit of keeping things close to the chest. I have a habit of withholding secrets or parts of stories and dreams because in my heart and mind they will never ever be understood by another. You know in your mind you have this half-formed image that you can never translate into words? So, I let the images be. I would love to fall back on someone and rest for a while but 22 years have taught me I need myself to do even a stupid koi fish sketch in a biology lab book to be satisfied with it, even if I am pressed for time. Every change of heart, every change of decision is my own and it is affected by more (or lack of) knowledge of the situation, more (or lack of) understanding of what really is and what is possible to be.
Weeks of running around in the insane 43°C (and up) scorching, humid heat has finally come to an end for this month at least. I can tell you now (perhaps without the fear of jinxing it) that I start my Post Graduate classes of Film Studies from July! I came in 4th in the admission test and hopefully my UG final semester's exam results would be fine (keeping the fingers crossed for things have a habit of going wrong for me). And I am also ready to put it in my blog that I now own a Nikon D5100. I got it a few days back and I am learning to use it properly. Somethings are special to you irrespective of the fact that it is something material. I don't attach any feelings with material things, I have learnt very early in life that anything can be taken away just like that and it hurts and that pain is pointless. But you know what somethings also become milestones in your life. These two things are just that for me. And that's why I am so very afraid. The roads will take me somewhere from here and I am ready for the ride. But for now all I want to do is curl up and rest so that I'm feeling fresh when it all starts. I am just one of those people who hates physical labour because it makes me feel so inadequate!
Here are some pictures I took when I took the camera for a test drive...I'm learning, don't judge..

I told you my mum has beautiful flowers and these are just a couple of shots of them..the light went away pretty soon as it got cloudy but didn't rain till the next morning. 80% humidity means no respite!
Just Breathe till next time and we will get through...

Monday, 4 June 2012

Maang Tika

Have you ever tried to paint a beautiful picture with colours, failed miserably and then taken to words instead and refused to think if it was a success or another failure to add to the list? Have you tied your dreams to a place and forgotten how you got there in your mind? Have you incessantly dreamt of flying only to wake up to find yourself still tethered to the ground?
I start daydreaming. I think of beautiful things, images, with strands of lyrics of songs floating around in my mind. I start wondering about things that would happen if I had full control of things and thoughts of the uncertain future disappear, even if for a little while. The Chanel Paris-Bombay Collection was so beautiful I haven't been able to forget about it yet. I can start creating stories in my head thinking of the elements in the show. The maang tikas looked so beautiful. I am pretty sure you have seen maang tikas by now.
The maang is the chain and the tika is the pendant. I am not really sure what is the "correct" spelling, I have seen "mangteeka", "mang-tika", "maang tikka". I think the spelling I'm using makes sense as it is pronounced that way, emphasis on two "aa"-s and the single "k". It is one of the essential jewellery pieces for Indian brides to wear on wedding day. It is also worn as a part of the costume during classical Indian dance performances. The tika is traditionally designed to sit on the 6th chakra, ajna, the eye of intuition according to Hinduism. But now I'm pretty sure it is just a part of the whole bridal look and one can opt not to wear it even if one is getting married the traditional way.

honestly Rekha in Umrao Jaan was the first person I thought of when thinking of beautiful maang tikas
a Bharatnatyam dancer..notice the dramatic fish eye-liner and red bindi?
Meena Kumari in Pakeezah
Chanel Pre-Fall 2012
Chanel Pre-Fall 2012
I'm signing off with this beautiful picture....see the note tucked in between her toes which is painted in aalta?
Dia Mirza in April 2010 Harper's Bazaar wearing Amrapali maang tika