Thursday, 31 May 2012

Blooming Up From The Ground

A bunch of  songs I'm listening to at the moment....

Lots of love guys till next time..Hope wonderful things are happening to least let's hope something like this isn't

Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Some Random Fun Stuff

Today I have nothing to say.....

How To Avoid Talking To People You Don't Want To Talk To

sabrina+pink hair+vevlvet dress=love

Susan B. Anthony

F.R.I.E.N.D.S in high school
See Ya!

Friday, 25 May 2012

For The Love Of What Matters

swimming through
Some times you just cannot finish any sentence you start. Everything forms a swirl in your mind and you let go of each string one by one because holding on is just too much. Even if you try to close your eyes and leave out the cold insincerity of those who do not love you back your lashes shiver in the wind. Things lose their shades and become grades of grey instead. You try to swim through, kicking and screaming and all you face is a swill of smoke. There is no escaping, there is no explaining; your voice is unheard and you are silent to them. Even in the cold rejection you know that it no longer matters that your words are meaningless to them; you have courage, you have resilience, you are not dying today even if they make your smile falter in its way.
See your own reflection and recognise yourself because that's all that matters

Painted Lady

Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Wine Bottle DIYs

I love how beautiful these look. My DIY skills are below newbie level and I don't think I can ever make these.. But I sure can help someone do them...they look so pwetty!!!!

candle holders or candle covers
Wall-Mounted Vases

Lighted Wine Bottles


P.S.- R.I.P Community original team..let's see what the new team does with you now. But the last eps were awesomeness galore. 

Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Vintage Vogue

We all know Vogue magazine is synonymous with fashion. It was founded in 1892 as a weekly publication by Arthur Turnure and the whole thing was funded by Kristoffer Wright for the cultured social elites. The magazine's first editor, Josephine Redding apparently chose "Vogue" as the title It was only after Turnure's death in 1909 that Condé Montrose Nast picked it up and started it's publication as a bi-weekly magazine and he took it to an international level, Britain being the first ground for it's international venture.
Everyone of us has owned a Vogue at some point and some have a regular subscription because those glossy pages are inspiring. They are so very beautiful that they spark the imagination even when you are facing a creative slump. I don't know about you but sometimes I read it and close my eyes and I see myself doing something I love with some of the most talented artists and visionaries of our time...maybe in some parallel universe I am doing it. It has been hailed as the most influential fashion magazine by The New York Times and very rightfully so.
Here's a bunch of vintage Vogue covers I found..

Vogue 1892
Vogue, poppies, 1911
Vogue July, 1919
Vogue July 1922
Vogue May 15, 1934
Vogue July 15, 1935
Vogue January 1950 by Erwin Blumenfeld

Vogue June 1950 by Irving Penn

Wrapping up with a little bit of Hitchcock

Monday, 21 May 2012

Morning Blues and Rajasthani Hues

My final semester is over. I have been sitting around gathering my thoughts. One question that is not leaving my mind is - what now?
Honestly I don't know what now. Only grim ideas are residing in the crevices of my mind leaching into my dreams at night. I am listening to my favourite hindi songs since morning. I love all kinds of music but you know some days you just want to hear things in the language you grew up listening to. I could listen to rabindra sangeet(rabindranath tagore's songs) which I grew up singing and learning. The first song I picked up on the harmonium was a tagore composition. But that will just remind me of lost days and make me incredibly sad..
As I am listening to the songs I am thinking of the places I have never been to. Among other places I have never been to Rajasthan and I have never seen a desert sunset. I have never seen the beautiful Jaisalmiri palaces. My first glimpse of Rajasthan was perhaps in Satyajit Ray's "Sonar Kella"(The Golden Fortress).

Sonar Kella (The Golden Fortress)

 Here are the top 5 songs from my morning playlist

  1. Piya Basanti Re
  2. Woh Lamhe - Jal
  3. Ore Piya
  4. Gori Teri Ankhen Kahe
  5. Kehna Hi Kya
 P.S.- My dad lost my camera on his trip to Darjeeling. I still don't get how you can lose a camera?!

Friday, 18 May 2012

Links à la Mode - I'm on the list again!

Art At The Heart

For many of this week's submissions, art was the center theme. From DIY projects to festivals, museum exhibits and dramatic runway sets - there are so many ways that art manifests itself in the world of fashion, not just in the clothes we wear. We create it, it moves us, it changes our mood and makes our world a more beautiful and magical place. I loved reading posts about the Costume Institute's new exhibit, Chanel's crystal runway set - and even how to make a glitzy pair of Mui Mui-inspired sunnies.

Edited by Taylor Davies



Skirt Sale at Shopbop: DKNY, A.Wang Skirts, Helmut Lang, Minis, Jean skirts, Splendid, Jenni Kayne, AG Skirts, Tibi, Cacharel, ALC, Pencil & Hervé Skirts


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Sunday, 13 May 2012


Hey you all!!! I am going to host my very first giveaway on this blog sponsored by the awesome Trendzy Street! I will be giving one of you guys a Gift Card worth 25$ (Rs.1250) by a random selection method and you can buy anything from their site!

Here's how to enter :
  1. You have to be a follower of this blog via GFC
  2. Like Trendzy Street's Facebook Page here
  3. Check out their website here and tell me in the comments section below what is your favourite item from their site!
That is all! So easy right?
For extra entries you can follow Trendzy Street and me on twitter. 
Leave your twitter handle along with your email id so that I can reach you when you win.

This giveaway is international and I will declare the winner on 27th May (my birthday :D). Entries end at midnight.
Here's an outfit I styled with items(1,2,3 from their online store)...check them many possibilities...and right  now they have Flat 25% Off on everything..

Only giveaway related comments should be posted here

This giveaway has closed now

3 Chic Hairstyles With Braids

I came across these a couple of days ago. I have linked them to the main sources where you can go and read the instructions in detail and explore their blogs. The hairstyles might be a bit tricky to pick up at first but the end results would be worthy.

Braid up the side- Section out all of the hair from your ear forward on one side of your part, and clip everything else aside for later.
-Proceed to braid up the side by your ear.  You can do one braid, two braid, or even three if your hair is thick enough.  You can also do any type of braid - fishtail, regular, twist braid, whatever you want.

-Once your braids are complete, combine them with the remaining hair and put it in a ponytail as you normally would. Read about the rest of the hairstyles on her blog.

Crown of Braids- Pay attention to steps 3 & 4. This should be easy enough with a few bobby pins and a bit of hairspray.

Half Braid- Just see the pictures for a guide to do the hairstyle on your own. Check her blog out for more amazing hairstyles with her easy to do picture guides.