Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Street Shopping on Trendzy Street is the “New Thing”

Fashion, without a doubt is one of the most talked about topics in this world. We are constantly looking for new things out there. Shopping online is an easy and convenient way when you don’t have the time to take a trip to the store or are coveting something that is not available in a local store. LetsByteCode Inc.  is a company that has recently gone out of its way and launched an E-Street just for women. This is India’s first online street shopping experience exclusively for women who enjoy window shopping as much as shopping. You will find various brands on Trendzy Street with dresses, tops, denims, accessories, bags, shoes that are the latest style trends. The prices range from a mere Rs.100/- to Rs.1500/- perfect for all trend loving people who are on a budget, especially students like me. We all know fashion is fickle and we love indulging in the new trends every season – at this price you can add something new to your wardrobe every week and you can also get styling tips from the personal stylist waiting for you on their official blog, Trendzy Style Talk!
In their own words –
“Fashion is dynamic so is Trendzy Street’s collection of clothing and accessories”.
Shopping is no longer about carrying bags and running around the streets to find another store. Welcome to the 21st century where online street shopping is as simple as a click. You do not have to carry those heavy bags, just visit the online street instead, browse through the collection, select the right one and enter your credit/debit card number or even better choose CASH ON DELIVERY and there is the shopping bag right at your door step in no-time. There is more - you can enjoy the ongoing discounts & offers from time-to-time, compare the products before you make your purchase, and if you are stuck somewhere you can also chat with the customer support team.

You can not just shop and get rewards points but also earn some money by referring Trendzy Street to your friends & family, get more details about the affiliate membership by visiting the online street.
 The Fashion epilogue never seems to be ending and fashion brands still pull out the best for their loyal spenders so do we.
“Remember the best Fashion statement cannot be defined in words it's all about the way the character is defined.”

Here's my pick from their amazing online store
  1. Polka Dots Cropped Top with Scallop details - Dark Salmon & Black
  2. Polka Dots Cropped Top with Scallop details -White & Black 
  3. Electric Blue Jumper
  4. Black and Yellow Stripes Top 
  5. White Sequined- Flare Dress

Trendzy Street

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Friday, 24 February 2012

Shoe Love - Platforms and Wedges

Many of you either absolutely or "most ardently" hate chunky shoes..I have been a flat platform lover even when I was a pre-teen...and I have been obsessing over creepers since last year. If I could I would buy one immediately.. I have yet to debut a new pair of black platforms that I got recently.
Platforms never really went away, they kind of fall out of fashion for a while but they keep coming back. The flat platforms have more or less uniformly thick soles whereas wedges have a sort of narrow portion (like a wedge!) and that's what makes an already out of balance person like me fall down and twist their ankle (*cough*happened last month..still afraid to step out on heels*cough*)..I have tripped countless number of times in my life. My knees are testimonies to that. Once I ripped my jeans at the knees..once I bruised both knees and palms ... aren't I the epitome of grace?
Many people confuse platforms and wedges. While shoes with wedge heels may have platform soles, the two features do not always appear together. When they do, they're considered "platform wedges."Wedge heels were introduced by Salvatore Ferragamo introduced wedges in the 1935..(platforms have been around since ancient times fyi).
Chunky Platforms on Celebs and on the Runway

Celine Green Platforms via Garance Dore

Platforms, bracelets & whole lotta attitude via the Man Repeller

White Platform Sneakers(*correction thanks to Cody)

Cacharel Platforms - I like the black one more(surprise surprise I prefer black)
Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen - Platforms and Pumps

So do you prefer rocking out in chunky platforms or killer stilletos?

Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Style Inspiration - Through The Decades

Life always seems simpler when you were a kid. I have loved something from every decade in terms of fashion, culture or music.. My least favourite decade for some reason was the 50's till I discovered the counter cultures of that time. For me the 30's were a transition from 20's to the 40's. The economic slump had brought in a lot of restraint in clothing as well. An element of rebel and/or free spirit is all that is needed to please me. Here are some photos that represent that.

women boxing on the beach in 1920's

Pin up style with a twist of blue,reminiscent of 40's Hollywood glamour

1947 Dior Paris

Paul Smith and Balenciaga did their take on the 1950's teddy boy/girl subculture

Teddy fashion

60's-time for the sexual revolution-twiggy-gotta try this soon,have been thinking for years

1970's-80's glam rock icon David Bowie in an androgynous was different from the androgyny we see today

Love the vintage-y 90's feel

The horror punk inspired dark vibe is so cool here
Right now there's a major revival going on when it comes to our clothes. The kind of music we listen to, the shows and movies we watch influence us in a major way. What you wear is the easiest way to let someone know who you are or at least give them a glimpse of that. I was too busy running around in my sneakers and flat platforms and raising extra hell for my mom throughout the 90's and 2000's (Y2k, that didn't sounded odd to me then also).. The anti fashion era is what I grew up seeing, loose grungy attire and attitude is what I was mostly around. And the TV shows back then were so awesome. Now most of them are unwatchable. I also wore these rubber sandals with ankle straps and loved them to pieces.
Which is your favourite decade and why?

And here's a parting photo..found it funny..
bloggers - what people think you do