Saturday, 28 January 2012


Can't Stop Listening
..these songs are taking me back to how I used to feel when I was a teenager...reminding me of the effortlessly careless time spent...of warm evenings..I have never done a play list post..this is a random impulsive post..I haven't felt this way in so long....

All the songs I have ever collected since I owned a computer are all here on this list.
Open your play list and put it on shuffle and let it take you back when you were not so stressed, not always in a hurry; go back to when things seemed easier and time was all you had. Breathe in those warm evening memories.

a postcard from Spain(pinterest helps dig up some treasures like this)

Wednesday, 25 January 2012

A Beautiful Scarf

"Fashion is not frivolous. I am a businesswoman, a very serious business person" -Donatella Versace
A nice quote I found while exploring other blogs. 

I am going to show you the other new buy. It's this scarf I got from Vero Moda on a whopping awesome sale. It was a total steal. I think it was on a 60% or 70% sale. I got it for Rs.500,i.e., about $9.

Saturday, 21 January 2012

The Magpie Loves Shiny New Things

Guessing game up ahead..

What do you think I am trying to show here? Apart from my highly innovative ways of posing for the camera what else is common?
I bought these earrings and I love them. It's been long since I got something from Accessorize. I think I have mentioned it before how I don't like spending the huge bucks on anything I won't necessarily use that much. I can't justify paying a 1000 bucks for a pair of earrings unless I find them absolutely awesome. Again, I don't like paying a lot for anything which I don't find is worth it. I am a student after all and I like thinking before spending. This pair cost me only Rs.445, that is roughly 8$. And I think they are beautiful and versatile. I have another new buy hiding in these photos which I will show you in the next post. Let's see if you can spot what the other new buy is.

Can't wait for the day when I don't have to justify everything I buy in my head!

Have a great weekend!

Saturday, 14 January 2012

Black.Velvet.if you please!

I don't blog everyday and that's not because I am super busy or very lazy. I don't think I have things to talk about on a daily basis. I share things I find interesting and I also post outfits when I can click photos of the things I am/was wearing. I tend to repeat outfits since that fits perfectly with the laundry routine. Wear it 3 times and out it goes. As a college student I also get away with that. I hate ironing and I love slouchy outfits or materials which don't need ironing on every wear. Whaaat? I am a 90's kid I have a right to do that!
I have decided to go back to my earlier plan - load up on black! I love that colour.. Not only is it a beautiful classy colour it can seamlessly be worn with a grungy attire. I love bed head. Anything low maintenance and I fit the bill perfectly. I may go for low end prices but the clothes should never look cheap. That's my only motto. It's not about the money, it's about where you spend it.
For this year my motto
Get more black
Yohji Yamamoto 2010 RTW

Get black/purple lip colour
NYFW 2010 (Lip Pencil in Currant, lined around the natural shape of the mouth, for perfect lip definition. Lipstick in Kittenish applied all over with MAC 242 brush.)

Alter my velvet dress into a skirt or just get a new velvet anything
Sasha Pivovarova in Christian Dior Haute Couture, 1948. Shot by Patrick Demarchelier

 Rock Boho waves
Mary Kate Olsen Vogue Italia June 2007

Work on being more resolute
What you need a photo for this too?

Go enjoy your Sunday!

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Sunday, 8 January 2012

I Sparkle (well my nails do)

I do enjoy my sparkly nails right now. I remember hating glitter on nails when I was in school. Then again I have changed a lot since then.

I got this top in (I think) September or October from Shopper's Stop. My best friend picked this out while I went around the store finding nothing. Never got around doing a post about this.

Remember my boots? They are from Catwalk

I am wearing my Levi Curve ID jeans which I really liked when I bought them. But after a few washes the colour faded and it is not very well fitted. The whole  hype for them was how it fit curvy women perfectly. I have had better fits with other brands like Lee and random other brands. I will say I am still in love with my red lip colour though. And aren't my nails looking dreamy? Oh yes the photo's edited but still I'm telling you the Revlon 413 Belle is an absolutely beautiful nail enamel. The bottle itself is so pretty I stare at it and sigh at its glittery, shiny awesomeness (ever since I have seen Kung Fu Panda 2 I have been using that word quite often) sometimes. And I am wearing my Avon silver toned cuff.
I know there's a lot of sequin/metallic love going on right now. And most of you have something in either gold or silver or both in your closet. Which one do you prefer- silver or gold?

Sunday, 1 January 2012


My parents are building the upper floor of our house and soon I will have a new room, so I am a getting inspired by these decor ideas..Some awesome inspiration from Pinterest

I think I should finally indulge in a bandana/scarf-(secret style desire ;-) )

And find out a bit more about mysticism/occult
Ruth st Denis
Feel beautiful no matter how big and what shape

I promise myself to get a pair of flat shoes this year and face it that I cannot walk on even stacked heels..Flats like this Christian Louboutin Freddy Flats would be nice :-D

This is my new Facebook Profile Photo

Wise ass words

Would you try this? I am tempted I must say

Hope you had a very good 1st day. I almost burned down the house today :).