Friday, 28 December 2012

I Did-I Did Not-I Want

Whenever I make wish lists I know I won't be getting everything and I will be getting over some of the things I wanted by the time I come across them/have the money to splurge/have the urge to move my ass and do it. I was going through some of those lists I made last year and I realised I have done quite a few of them. The ones I really wanted to anyway.

I Did
  1. Get a pair of round sunglasses
  2. Get geek glasses
  3. Get a purple lip colour
  4. Get a few flat shoes and one with a real low wedge heel
  5. Feel good about myself no matter what shape and size and encouraged others to do the same
  6. Find out I look and feel utterly idiotic in head scarves. Have not given up on finding the 1 scarf that changes this perception however
  7. Rock boho waves
  8. Get more things black
  9. Indulge in the whole oxblood trend. Over the trend, not over the colour. I mean wine red is 1 of my most favourite colours
  10. Get an ear cuff which, well doesn't fit. So wasted money there.
  11. Get a few more prints in my closet this year
  12. Get ombre red hair. Which reminds me I need to redo it as it is more of a ombre burgundy now
  13. Upgrade to a dslr as it seemed well overdue (and well the point & shoot got stolen/lost)

I Did Not
  1. Get any favourite photo framed and hung on my wall
  2. Get a cape coat/anything with a cape :(
  3. Scream in my underwear out on the street on Dec 22nd that "I'm alive!"
  4. Read up more about the occult/mysticism
  5. Get anything velvet this year. The dress I had in 4th/5th/6th(?) grade and the 1 skirt I stole from my sister unfortunately do not fit me
  6. Yet have a metallic dress/top/socks/shoes :(
  7. Get a tulle skirt. Maybe I don't want 1 anymore
  8. Get printed leggings

I Want

1. Something Yellow

Emma Chapman
2. High Waisted Acid Wash Jeggings

Alyssa Lau
3. Something With A Lace Hem

Jennifer W
4. Baggy Rolled Up Boyfriend Jeans and Loose Fit Knit Sweater..well and the beanie

no idea..found the photo circulating on tell me if you know
5. Matte Pink Lipstick

same as above one

I have had all this pinned on my pinboard for a while now as I would like to have them all. I'm also thinking of something with a baroque print on it. Not so sure though.
What are the things you did - did not - want to this past/upcoming year?


  1. No. 1 in 'I did' list was well done. Really. I follow no. 5 in the same list religiously. And why exactly were you supposed to do no. 3 in 'I didn't' list?

    1. don't think of the "underwear" issue here soumi!on 1st jan this year i had asked people if they would be tempted to do this because of all the doomsday predictions.

  2. Well this is a very creative post debi! I should be doing the same!
    And I want a pink mat lipstick too!
    Don't Call Me Fashion Blogger

  3. I too want all of these!!I so wanna get a pair of geeky glasses too!!

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  4. linda selección...lindo post...muy original!

  5. now you made me want a matte pink lipstick! ;p

  6. Hahaha: Scream in my underwear out on the street on Dec 22nd that "I'm alive!".
    Love the pink mat lipstick idea as well!

  7. Ok........drooling over that pink lipstick! I would LOVE to see you sporting such a pout! And envy you as well.....coz that shade would never suit me! :(

    1. i don't see you wearing much lip colours..i never thought i would be able to wear the kind of shades i do wear me if you find the right hue for yourself you would look awesome..i saw sayantani wear a similar shade that day only!

  8. I wasn't even expecting this but I got some scarves that I really wanted.

    I can't wait to see your new hair. I'm a bit surprised that you want something bright yellow. It doesn't quite seem like you. And you HAVE to keep looking for a cape.

    1. i actually found one but it was so thick that i thought i would never wear it much since it is never that cold here..i will keep looking for my cape though!i promise :D!
      and about the yellow, that's what i always thought..but i want something yellow in my wardrobe apart from that ombre scarf that is..

  9. Debi, I think it's awesome that you got most of the items or did what you wanted! That's awesome in itself! In your "I did not list" I think you would look cool with printed leggings. Make that a DO for 2013. I want more yellow in my wardrobe. Lately I've been on a blue kick. hahaha And that pink matte lipstick is FABULOUS! Pink is going to be so hot for Spring! I want to thank you very much for giving me that recipe. It looked so good! I have GOT to try it! Again, thank you doll.

  10. that matte pink lipstick is something I want too, just love the color ! And look at all those things u got...great score !

  11. great post! I'm your new Follower! :) I hope you visit my blog sometimes.. thanks! Kisses!!