Sunday, 4 November 2012

To Frame/Fake Or Not To

Garance Dore's recent post on glasses got me thinking that almost 90% of the people I know wear glasses. I, myself cannot see without them. You maybe standing a few inches away from my face with a Cheshire cat grin and I won't be able to see you. Both set of my grandparents had glasses and my parents and uncles had to wear them for reading and regardless of the marks left on their noses and hollowed eyes I found the look simply cool and wanted a pair of my own. Well I had these red rimmed round sunglasses I wore even at home some times but, I never thought of getting a fake one just for the look. I always felt it was cheating the system somehow!
Finally I got them when I was 14 and felt just dashing! A few of my friends soon got lenses and seldom wore their glasses after that. Some stuck with just glasses. I finally decided to buy lenses when I got into doing eye make-up; that was after I had made this blog, after I had entered college life. I have hooded eyelids and it was impossible to see my eye make-up with glasses on, plus it didn't quite go with all my looks and I see the world in bokeh without any visual aid..which isn't very nice when you run the risk of walking onto unwanted stuff!
However, I still have 2 pairs of glasses that I wear with regularity. Especially on days I don't feel like walking out with weary eye bags and it also hides this stupid brown line I have on the bridge of my nose. I always choose frames which adds shape to my face a bit, not to mention colours and styles which all the people around me are not wearing. They are not custom made so obviously they are not unique but you get the idea right? Well I think we all do that since it becomes a part of our face, a part of our identity for a while.
I have met people who wear fake frames (especially fake nerdy frames! because they are so dang awesome I guess), I have heard people who hate the idea of wearing glasses and actually didn't even get their eyes checked till they started getting bat crazy headaches and absolutely had to.

Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn
What's your story?


  1. I have glasses too......and honestly, I don't really like having them on! Fortunately I can still see without them, so I resort to wearing the only when I'm reading or working on the comp.

    Funnily enough, I love my frame - it's a zebra printed Guess pair! :)

  2. Unlike most of my friends who have switched to lenses, I love wearing my glasses. I've worn them for so many years now that getting away with them gets difficult for me, they've become a part of my identity now.

  3. I love my glasses but only while working on comp. I wish to buy one of those nerdy ones but haven't got the one I wished for.

  4. I'm not gonna lie, as a girl who had to wear glasses, I always felt really ugly with them. When people decided they were cool and decided to wear them even when they didn't need to, it pissed me off. I had finally come to terms with the fact that I had really bad eyesight and you're now wearing glasses as an accessory? What really confuses me are those who put on real vision correcting contacts then fake glasses.

    Okay, off the ranting soapbox now.

  5. I got my eyes checked after days of splitting headache an when it became impossible to read the bus numbers. Now I can't see without them. And I went ahead and bought these round framed glasses, which I absolutely love, but which look hideous with ethnic wear! Time to get lenses, I guess!

  6. True that!

    I have wanted to get frames ever since I was a kid. I remember watching TV in a pitch dark room-just to get a pair! My mum finally scared me by saying that she would buy me fake ones-n the thought of it was so uncool that i stopped being hideous. LOL. I'm 26 and still dont need glasses. I have found solace in sunglasses :D

    I know a cousin who wouldnt get her eyes checked till the time that she lost her eyesight (almost) ;)

    i'm following your blog this point onwards :)

  7. I love glasses, I have a set of glasses that are 'fake' as you say but I don't wear them all the time. And I know people who, don't like it and almost detest it. So yeah. I liked this post, very heart felt.


  8. I have been nearsighted since I was 10 and rarely wear my glasses in public. I prefer my contacts!

  9. Your stories are always very interesting!!

  10. Hey Debi! I've been wearing glasses since I was in 1st grade. It was a must. I couldn't see the chalkboard and the teacher noticed. HAHAHA Back then, the only frames I had to choose from were the color blue. HAHAHA I started wearing contacts in 8th grade and now I go back and forth with contacts and frames. I think the next pair I'll get are wire glasses (no color at all). Your story was very interesting :)

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  12. I bought the skirt in Leeds where there is a large Indian comunity.Being silk it could be Indian I thought.
    Great post

  13. Ha ha, I used to WANT glasses so much as a kid and teenager. Finally, in grad school, I had to wear them. Was I ecstatic -- finally, a chance to wear geeky tortoise shell! Since then, I graduated to contact lenses which drove my husband so nuts he told me to get Laser eye surgery. So I did. No more glasses, except whenever I want the fake ones. - J xxx