Friday, 16 November 2012

I KNOW by Timsy Kamboj & Siddhartha Mittal

I am very happy to introduce to you guys a new brand that is being launched this November 17th. That is tomorrow! (due to some technical reasons it is not up yet. I will let you know when it goes online fully functional.)
I KNOW”, the brainchild of Timsy and Siddhartha has been raised by the duo that comes from completely different backgrounds. Timsy honed her skills in Fashion Design at Pearl Academy of Fashion, New Delhi and for her breakthrough in the field of designing she has been awarded the MOST INNOVATIVE COLLECTION AWARD for her Graduating Collection in Portfolio ’09. On the other hand Siddhartha has mastered his management skills that add commercial aspect to Timsy’s creative vision because he believes that the latest fashion is a reflection of the economic environment and consumer behaviors, attitudes and emotions.
Timsy and Siddhartha prefer minimal and uncluttered designs that have a very contemporary sensibility.
I KNOW’s designs are inspired by the unexpected. We look at fashion design as an art form and enjoy working with different fabrics, style lines and concepts.
A tapestry of varied cultural references infused with urbane existence plays a key role in our collections with which we have combined natural affinity to line and shape and a fascination for postmodern architecture. Working on drafts we have used synthesis of self-developed pattern making techniques alongside traditional methods of draping and embroidery to create distinct silhouettes. The challenge of harmonizing a line based design philosophy with the curves of the body is a constant in all our collections.

Here are a few examples of I KNOW’s latest collection of designer wear. I don’t know much about men’s wear but I like these basic shirts and pleated trousers for men. I wouldn’t mind keeping them in my wardrobe especially those pants alongside the printed shirts for women. This is office wear minus the bore factor according to me; although seeing men in red pants here in Calcutta is a dream that will await its fulfilment for years to come I think. I have seen their other work and all I can say is I am looking forward to their launch.
 Sign up for their launch guys to get a credit gift now and I would love it if you check out their other designs here and here.

I did not get paid to do this post
P.S.-They sent me a dress which I featured here


  1. nice collection....

  2. The pants are gorgeous ! I particularly like the silhouette of the side buttoned/side pleated ones.

  3. Love the red chino trousers :)

  4. what a lovely collection i like
    the red trousers <3

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  5. I am loving this collection! The blue and white shirt is my favorite!

  6. I wish you much success! Collection very nice!!


  7. Those trousers are gorgeous Debi! Loved it, thanks for showing us this collection! :) Definitely will check that out!


  8. Will surely check it out girl :D
    xoxo <3

  9. Hey Debiparna,

    Thanks for writing about us and our collection.. Really appreciate that!! And you know what.. You made our dresses look much prettier. Cheers!!


    1. It was a pleasure writing about you guys. I am truly looking forward to the launch of I KNOW.

  10. I love the colors of the trousers! They're going to do well Debi. The sample of clothes you've shown us speaks volumes. Lovely :)

  11. nice style...lets wait for the launch and see some more!!