Saturday, 27 October 2012

Durga Puja 2012 Photo Diary Part 1

For those 6 days (panchami to dashami) everything 'real' was in suspension. It was just like we had let go of time and were in a world of our very own. Endless adda sessions, dressing up in new clothes and eating like the world will end after 24th. "What day of the week is it anyway?" got the answer "Who cares anyhow?!"
The whole city was an endless tunnel of lights. Every para was engrossed in their own puja pandals. Every one of us had plans to spend the days with friends of recent hours, of hours past and family we hadn't seen in a while.
But it all ends, every year it does, and we wonder every year how the days went by so fast. But the lazy days continue till at least Lakshmi Puja (which is this Monday I think). I just remember sleeping the whole day yesterday.

adi ballygunge durga puja
park circus durga (with left to right-ganesh,lakshmi,saraswati,kartik)
street lights
deshapriya park durga
deshapriya park pandal - entrance and crowd
deshapriya park pandal
have you seen a motor bike with a sidecar in real life?
people on their way


  1. Thank you for sharing these beautiful photos.

  2. beautiful photos dear!! i love finding out more about different cultures and photos are a great way to see more..

    thank you for sharing!
    kisses <3

  3. love ur pics...they seem to tell some story...subho bijoya dear :)

  4. Debi your country is so fascinating, I'd love to live this lights and atmosphere!!
    Don't Call Me Fashion Blogger

  5. OK a motor bike with a side car? I've never seen it but definitely it's more safe than a family of 4 piling on that bike. OK so I don't want to be the bearer of bad news but those 'white spots,' may be colour fade.

    do you want to email me? bravoerunway (at) gmail (dot) com.

    Take a look at the blouse and let me know what is the material and how did you wash it?

  6. Beautiful captures of the essence of the festival. Looking forward to part 2. And no, i haven't seen a motorbike with a sidecar for real! Ever! :-)

    My world, my thoughts, my musings...

  7. shubho bijoya!!..

    yes fun frolic and pandal hopping(not to mention all the food hogging!!)

    nice captures!!

  8. Don't even mention the word "puja" anywhere around me! I'm THAT sad! This puja was the best in probably the last ten years or so. I'm yet to upload the South pandal photos. Put up only North and VIP Road.

  9. I missed visiting the pandals this time, totally regret it,loved the bustling streets in ur pictures, it would always be my wish to visit Kolkatta during durga puja !
    Thanks so much for ur comment on my blog earlier !
    P.S –If u have time hop over to my blog and check my new post !

  10. Awww, I have actually seen a motorcycle with a sidecar :P And yes, those pictures are pretty amazing, someone had a lot of fun of course.
    Great puja pictures! :D

    New post is up :D

  11. beautiful pictures debi! i've never seen a motorbike with a sidecar in real life! thanks for sharing these.