Friday, 5 October 2012

Blenders Pride Fashion Tour 2012 - Kolkata - Shantanu & Nikhil

The second show for the Blenders Pride Fashion Tour Day 1 was by designer duo Shantanu & Nikhil. The brothers from Delhi did not disappoint with their signature vintage India meets modern sensibilities. The colours on display and the details on the menswear, bridal as well as the beautiful gowns were very elegant and dramatic.
Nikhil is the creative mind while Shantanu manages the business side of their endeavour. In their own words "We believe that we are the best combination of art and commerce in the creative world of fashion. This mindset is what prompted us to cross-synergise our respective backgrounds into something worthwhile that could withstand the pressures of the ever-challenging and the ever-evolving fashion industry"
I loved the volume, motifs and embellishments on their gowns, lehenga cholis and saris and the details on the modern bandhgalas and coloured skinny pants for the men. There was beautiful draping and structure. This collection was inspired by baroque eras and French boudoir.

I will try and wrap up BPFT in 1-2 more posts. I know with all the fashion weeks and events happening around the world there is a severe chance of overdosing. But I think Indian fashion is something totally different than what you get to see on the international front so this variety should intrigue you not bore you. Well if it does then sing a song or do a dance and keep yourself entertained while you are at this.


  1. Such a stunning collection !! Love it :)

  2. Beautiful collection!! Creative outfit!

  3. Intrigued Indeed Debi!!! These designs are exquisite. I'm loving the men's designs even more than the ladies. HAHAHA The guy wearing the orange pants. OMG'd that outfit is AMAZING!!! I'm loving the colors and that blush gown is gorgeous she's wearing. Continue posting what you love, because we love it too!!! :) Have a great weekend doll!

  4. Indian fashion is absolutely different from anything else we'll see in Ny, Paris, London....and so forth. My favorite is the red and gray look as well as the red and white embroidered skirt! WOW.

  5. those women on the ramp are so thin... loved the fact it wasnt accessorized.

    1. most of them looked pretty healthy to me ..they were eating at the restaurant downstairs afterwards and generally having a good time..
      and yeah i also like that there were no accessories as the clothes are so beautiful indians have a tendency to over-accessorise bridal attire so this was refreshing too..

  6. NIce collection, such rich colours!

  7. Aaah...i have been hunting down things from Anokhi online and would love brocade anything...this collection is making my mouth water...Great pictures...Thanks heaps

  8. Stunning pictures and amazing collection. They didn't come here, so that was definitely refreshing.
    Anyway, I must say I love the simplicity and clean cuts.


  9. I simply love the fabric involved in all these skirts. I'd love to wear one!

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  11. You guys are having so much fashion around and I'm being deprived.:-(