Sunday, 16 September 2012

Signature Premier Fashion Week - Kolkata Day 2

I am still feeling so pumped that I could barely stay in bed to have a proper sleep. My head is swirling with what I saw at  Signature Kolkata Fashion Week Day 2. The energy was unbelievable! For me I am in the whole run for the experience of it all. The day started for me proving Murphy's Law right at every turn but it all ended on such a high note. I wasn't sure if I would be attending today but after yesterday I am plenty sure I am attending Day 3. My pc got fried yesterday as I tweeted due to the thunderstorm which resulted in not only massive thunderclaps but also knee deep water around my house. But who really cares about all that when you know fashion bloody week awaits you on the other side! Well I kind of do because you don't want to stomp around the runway in wet shoes and wet, frizzy hair. I mean given it is me I totally can do that with exuberance. If you have read my about me you know I have a habit of blowing raspberries at life every time a curve ball is thrown at me. Anyway not going into the various curve balls that probably is the reason for my flat nose I shall regale you with a few photos I could neither edit nor re-size. Embroidery is something you can see pretty much in every Indian fashion designers collections (not all but pretty much 98% of them). But what was an experience was the bold colours, glittery shoes, fabulous make-up and updos that was on display from Tejas Gandhi (press box) , Agnimitra Paul (2nd row) and Monapali (front row) [these are the 3 shows I attended as I mention rain and all kinds of cosmic hindrances hit me earlier in the day and I did not see the 1st 3 shows]. It was all about "bold and the beautiful" and only the BOLD stood out. Yes the colours and music and sometimes quite unexpectedly so, hooting from a group who it seemed were friends of some of the models walking the shows.
Just so you know the theme of this year's KFW is eco-fashion and promoting the local weavers.

Tejas Gandhi
(black was the colour used liberally *love*...there was no typical Indian style aesthetic in his collection...which was refreshing...he celebrated the global woman who wears other than traditional Indian garb to look and feel glamorous)
P.S.- I loved the earrings he of them was the peace sign ala hippie style *love*)

Tejas Gandhi with his showstopper

 Agnimitra Paul (sneak peek)
(madhubani art and bhojpuri influences were there..the models walked down the ramp doing thumkas at points and chewing was an enjoyable show with 'Womaniya' pumping up the atmosphere)

Monapali (sneak peek)
(signature use of lace, crochet, applique, thread work mixed with bold prints and graphic patterns in their eclectic fusion style)

Style Spotted

Shayoni's caviar nails (it is a tough thing to not lose those round thingies)

...and the woman who oddly reminded me of Madame Bijoux
..I was too afraid to ask her for a photo..
P.S.- I saw her on day 3. She is none other than famous fashion designer Susan Mantosh. I had a lovely chat with her. More on that later.
she was rocking those ribboned dreadlocks


  1. LOL.....niuce reacp of the whole thing..thanks for appreciating my nails :D

    Ohh BTW...Peter told me on the ride back - its Signature PREMIER not Premium....don't worry - no one was aware!!!

    1. arey that's what i wrote first ..then i saw in the message it was written premium..corrected it this time finally!

  2. Wonderful photos, my dear friend. Thank you so much for sharing.

    1. The Bangalore guy had actually called me up to remind me that before I published the article...

  3. I am so glad that you attended this fashion show! I love the first collection a lot and I want the caviar manicure!!

    Don't Call Me Fashion Blogger

  4. Aaah!! Those fabled dreadlocks!! I still feel you should have gone up to her & said you want to take a pic for your fashion blog...she would have been flattered (though we couldn't be sure, judging by her looks!) :P

    Anyways, we had SO much fun! Dying to see you all there tonight! :D

    1. i know i know!!maybe she will be there tonight also!

  5. Love the photos ! looks like lotta fun :D
    I hope i can attent the Mumbai FW when it here next time :)

  6. You girls had so much fun! I hate not being there on day 2!:-( And yeah,those nails are yum all right.

  7. good pictures ! those nails are so good !Gandhi's style is to watch out for !

  8. very impressive looks!wow

  9. This is absolutely amazing Debi! The saris are gorgeous! I love the designs from Agnimitra Patel! The yellow is just stunning!

  10. amazing!
    i really love the first dress of Tejas. this would make a perfect concert dress, imho. (her hair, i am not sure about. ;p)
    those monapali dresses caught my eyes as well. love the pink/turquoise & orchid/orange color combinations. beautiful.

  11. hey debi! so sorry your computer got fried girl. that happened to me once. mine was off but i didn't unplug it from the wall. hahaha these designs are absolutely gorgeous. i love black too. also loving that red and coral color. i love the new caviar nails, i'm just afraid of all those little dots falling off. hahaha can't wait to read more. hope all is well ((hug))

  12. Amazing dresses, would love to wear them at least once !! love the nails too!


  13. I loooove the first dress!!!

  14. WOW! Amazing <3


  15. How absolutely fun to be part of India fashion week. Nothing like the sari colors of India making it into the fashion. -- J xx

  16. gorgeous! that first dress is amaaazing! and the caviar nail are lovely! would you like to follow each other on GFC and bloglovin??:) let me know! have a great week!


  17. OMG. This is so pretty! :) :)
    Looks like you had fun at fashion week.
    And I can't wait to listen to your conversation with her.

    New post is up!