Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Blenders Pride Fashion Tour 2012 - Kolkata - Nida Mahmood

Nida with showstopper Raima Sen
Nida Mahmood  - artist, painter, fashion designer who has an insatiable and all-pervasive love for kitsch

The more I see her designs the more I get fascinated with her. I am ashamed to say even though  I had heard of her before I had never really looked her up. The kind of work she does is what I love and what I crave to have hanging in my wardrobe someday. I remember telling my best friend a year ago while pensively staring at the ceiling one night that the reason I don't like Indian kitsch that is available so readily everywhere is because it is so bad and done in such an obvious manner and I would love to have a wardrobe full of the so-called kitschy and oh-so-Indian patterns in my wardrobe - clothes and shoes and accessories et all. Nida's work has made me love Indian kitsch even more. Her work is colourful, detailed, refreshing and exciting to watch.
FYI Nida designed the dress with 2000 LED lights on it which Lady Gaga wore on her F1 trip in India last year.

Her collection Bombay Bun Maska ~ "ode to the irreverent youth of India"
Inspired by the kitsch of 60s-70s Bollywood films.

resort wear with a twist of kitsch

angry young man, amitabh and gabbar singh adorned the men's casual tees..while their voices adorned the sound track
ombre ombre ombre!

light bulbs in in hair..and those oh-so-exaggerated long lashes!..That's Agnimitra Paul in the magenta dress and Asmita Marwa in black beside her.

more rad prints - this pic was also featured in my intro post
saris draped with jeans & leggings..not petticoats people!

Nida and Raima with the other models

Goodbye for now!

i love this photo for some reason


  1. oh debi! her designs are exquisite! i love the different colors and materials she incorporates into each design. very unique! i can't get over the men's ombre shirts. they look SO GOOD! and so do the MEN! hahahaha i would've never left that show. thanks for sharing this girl.

  2. I do love Nida and her designs. I saw the photographs from her latest show in the newspaper and loved Raima's outfit.Thanks for sharing these photos and you are indeed right, not all Indian kitsch designs appeal to the senses, only a few designers can take kitsch to the level of art.
    And the last photograph is something that I like too !

  3. Nida is one of my favourites for her quirky style.
    Loved the pictures! :)


  4. i really like her collection! the collection is based on the traditional but looks modern at the same time.
    love the orange flow of the long skirt. ;)

    your pictures are amazing!

    1. that's a sari lena not a skirt..she draped them with skinny pants instead of petticoats...and thanks :)

  5. I really didn't expect you to like those bright colors. They certainly appeal to me!

    Love the ombre shirts. I hope I see them more.

  6. i just left a comment on your blog..i am an indian and no one does bold colours like they do it can see purple and yellow mixed together for a regular day outfit..saris and salwars called for colours and patterns..i prefer to wear black mostly but i do have plenty of colourful things in my house!

  7. Nida and Raima with the other models I love it! These creations are very beautiful! Kiss

  8. o wow lot of color and patten , how refreshing !
    xoxo <3

  9. This is the post I've been looking forward to! AMAZING work from this designer. I love the saris, the 1960s inspiration! You took great photos from the fashion show, not the easiest to photograph! I am excited to see more photos from the rest of the fashion week.

  10. I love her kitsch style!
    Thanks for dropping by my blog n following dear! :)
    Do drop by often. I'd love your visits n comments!
    I'm following you too! :)

  11. nice designs n a wide vibrant color splash to all.
    super nice.

  12. Ombre shirts! Those I want! Although they are for guys... haha!

    Chippy Cakes

  13. I've never checked Nida's collection, but her sarees sure looks interesting.

  14. beautiful photos!! thank you for sharing i love these bright and ethnic colors!!

    kisses dear

  15. I love the guys gradient shirts, want those!


  16. I hate that I missed her show. Her collection was so good! I love the colours!

  17. I caught her review in t2. She is AMAZING!

  18. lovely collection....n an equally lovely blog:)
    do drop by...n if ud like we could follow each other :)