Sunday, 26 August 2012

Sundays Are For Sniggering

Somewhere around the corner Summer bid us goodbye and left us with a blue Monsoon (erratic rain, mud, stinky bylanes on the way back home, bad light, humid afternoons and windless nights). Most of you around the world are already thinking of Fall but I am only counting idle days for the holidays to start in October. I have already made a few plans about how to spend the 5 days of puja. Things are looking good.

my new (black with laser cut details) shoes from
my dinner last night was this tasty awesomeness I cooked
a sneak peek at my next outfit post

The days are usually long, full of ideas and exhaustion and the nights come early for me now. I am old. I feel like an 80 year old as I start snoozing from 10 or 11. There were days not long ago when I could stay up the whole night doing random shit. At least I have proper vivid dreams quite often now. I have a certain amount of control over my dreams, as strange as that may sound (you can look it up.. with practice you can control your vivid dreams..done the wrong way you can actually end up having sleep paralysis). Some people with good amount of practice and control can actually dream of whatever they most crave thus waking up with the feeling of having those things even if it isn't real, it helps lessen that hankering and maybe even create a positive outlook in working towards achieving that in real life. Not getting what you want for too long can often sour those dreams of ever getting them.
I have no idea how this post ended up being about vivid dreams, not that it matters that much. Maybe I am just a bat shit crazy person with access to the Internet trying to infiltrate your minds with crazy ideas.
Who really knows


  1. Hey debbie, the shoes look good! And your dinner looks yummiliscious!

    But about the dreams...its funny, but i can control them too! I usually steer them where i want them to go...and with my super active imagination and a little bit of the subconscious, i have the awesomest dreams ever!:D

    you're not old. Its just the monsoon. Never believed i would say this, but get me some blazin sun!


    1. i know!!the sun comes out and scorches our skin and monsoon does this..bleurghhh..where do we go!
      and thanks..

  2. Great shoes, Debi!!!! Hope you can have that vacation soon!

    xoxo, Alessia



  3. Lovely pics hun! Are you going to Cal for Puja? I'm spending it in Pune as usual!! Cant wait to start Puja shopping :D
    June xx

  4. I love your new shoes Debi and I am excited for your upcoming holiday! I thought I wasn't ready to bid summer farewell but after experiencing scorching 95 degree temps over the weekend I am ready.

  5. Loving your shoes and the nail paint of course. Yes I pay attention to everything! :D
    And are those mushrooms you cooked? I Love mushrooms to death! haha..

    ❤Not Just My Allegories❤

    1. yes!i love mushrooms to death as well..this was a quick stir fry sort of!

  6. I loved your shoes tooo!
    And all bengalis are so excited for puja, My friend loves it as he gets to shop loads for it.

  7. Great new shoes Debi and if you go on vacation take me too please LOL...I need one too.

    <3 Marina

  8. Ah, well I like that idea of controlling one's dreams. But then again, I also like the fact that dreams are often things I don't think of in my waking consciousness, so there's novelty in it. Great shoes! -- J xxx