Monday, 13 August 2012

Somethings New

Some new things I got this last month...I got this blue ombre t-shirt from Jabong because I am in dire need of casual stuff to wear to college and sweat through them the whole day and also because it has "Made in 90s" written on it so loud and clear...and it goes with my recent obsession with the colour blue in everything..I just need to get my hands on some blue hair colour and then I will say "the rest was history kids..". I know someday I will find those temporary colours and I will colour my hair blue, green, purple..

Vero Moda Sheer Black Top with Bow
 Never thought I would go for something like this. But I just loved it when I tried it on. Sale season beckoned but I got this one off the fresh stocks rack. I wore this to the Four Seasons Wine Event last month.

Latin Quarters Black Blouse with Embroidered Neckline and Feather Earrings from Accessorize

Striped Tee with Faux Leather Pocket Detail from Chemistry and Hamsa & Ankh Necklace from Accessorize
 I got all this on sale.. I really like the pocket detail in the striped tee. I remember I had gone crazy about having pockets in everything I wear at a point of time and got a pocket sewn into a short kurt I had, loved wering but hated that it didn't have pockets. Don't look at a picture of my face like that, I am not crazy.
 I absolutely love the Hamsa & Ankh necklace, got it for a whopping 70% off. I have been wanting to buy feather earrings for so long but I am at a loss at what to pair these with. As you can see no other colour beats my obsession for black and they just don't seem right with the stuff I have.. ..
 In other news I saw Alain Resnais' "Night and Fog" and I cannot describe in words what an impact it had on me. I went gaga over "Hiroshima Mon Amour" when I saw it. Resnais is definitely one of my most favourite film makers. You have to see and understand his language and the questions he raises to know what I am talking about.

P.S.- Shout out to Kim of A Very Sweet Blog as I won her OPI GER-MINIS giveaway! My 1st giveaway win :D

Okay now I will pass out and snore..adios!


  1. hey debi! thank you so much for the shout out and i'm so happy for you. i'll place the order today! i hope you have many more giveaway wins in your future. haha! about the hair color. i think one long blue streak in your hair would really be awesome. i've seen it and it looks so cool. i love the items that you got and the fact they were discounted is even more awesome. stores have been discounting items left and right here in the states. people just don't have the money! the economic times are horrible right now. i love that striped tee! it's going to look amazing on you! great necklace too! wishing you an awesome week. take care.

  2. Hey, i really like the striped tee too!:)
    And the Vero Moda top...the pretty white bow detail is just too cute!

    Shubhi's Revels!

  3. kinda confused where to start...
    1) I love that black sheer top from Vero look great in it
    2) those feather earrings are sooooo pretty!! I wanted to buy a pair bt kept them back coz I didnt have anythng to pair them with :(
    3)I love you Blue tee ^_^ I have an obsession with the color blue. I too want to color my hair red , blue , green and purple...all colors available!!!
    4)I love pockets too...!! They somehow make any outfit cuter :D
    5) Am so envious of u , girl!! Congrats on winning the giveaway!! That Blue nail color from OPI has been on my list for God-knows-since-when!!

  4. oops...see I missed that necklace of urs...i kinds knew I would do that...too many lovely stuff for one post :P I love you neck piece...its supah awesome :D

  5. Beautiful shirt with bow tie!! Hope you are having a wonderful day!
    -Jyoti from Style Delights Blog
    *Giveaway* - Win a gorgeous piece of jewelry from Jeweliq

  6. The first and last item don't really look like your normal style... I'd love to see how you wear it!

    1. the 1st one isn't..the striped tee and necklace are my style actually..i have just never been able to do outfit posts with the stuff..lazy i am!

  7. Love all these finds, particularly the black blouse with a bow. And I hear you about pockets! I always love secret pockets in skirts, for example. Hope you are enjoying all your classes right now. I truly miss my student days. It was all about learning, exploring, doing, and the hardest things were exams and perhaps having a tiff with a good friend. -- J xxx