Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Four Seasons Wines And A Bloggers' Meet

Day: This Saturday the 28th
Venue: Oasis Restaurant at Park Street (the food street of Calcutta)
Event: Wine Tasting and meeting other Fashion and Lifestyle Bloggers of Calcutta (fine Kolkata!)
Host: Four Seasons Wines
Motto: See, Swirl, Smell, Sip

I love drinking wine. It is the only drink you can have while you are eating your food. As much as rum holds a certain spot due to a certain Captain Sparrow, wine is my poison..followed by vodka..followed my a good ol' long island iced tea..followed by oh well you know...
Here's a brief intro to the day... We met outside for taking photos...and then headed inside..

click on photos for bigger size
Uparna, Swarnali, Anupriya, Ayantika, Sayantani, Shayoni

As we waited for our host Shamita Singha, former Miss Earth and wine trainer, we were served snacks while we chatted with Mr. Peter Mitter, representing Four Seasons wines and Mr. Pratap Darayani, owner of Oasis.

"Wine is sunlight, held together by water."
~ Galileo
as told by Mr. Mitter at the beginning of our session.

Mr.Pratap D, Mr.Peter M, Shamita telling us all about wine and generally making sure we were having a good time

We started with Veg Wantons and Herb Infused Chicken Reshmi Kebab paired with Chenin Blanc. It was an off-dry, still white wine with a pale lemon yellow colour, light aromas of citrus fruit with hints of fresh apple and honey. Then for main course we were served Grilled Fish in Lemon Butter Sauce and Masala Au Gratin paired with Viognier. It was a dry, still white wine with a pale gold colour(if you hold the two glasses side by side in light you could see the beautiful difference in shades). It had a floral aroma with hints of apple, apricot, peach and spices. It lingers in your mouth longer than the Chenin Blanc. Honest confession I always go for red wines and this was the first time I liked both white wines that we tasted. They served it at the right room temperature (which is 8-12°C) which is not the room temperature in Calcutta by any chance (which swinged around 33°C that day with loads of humidity; my camera lens got misty on stepping outside!).
We had the Blush wine paired with our dessert, Brownie with Ice cream. Albeit it was a bit too heavy for the Blush as we were informed by Shamita so we tasted it on its own before having the dessert. The Blush is off-dry, still Rosé wine, salmon pink in colour. It had floral aromas with hints of crushed strawberries and sweet spices. The colour was gorgeous and I don't usually like shades of pink.
We also tasted the Barrique Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon, a dry, still red wine, deep cherry red in colour with the aroma of blackcurrant and blackberry, a hint of chocolate and tobacco. It was a full bodied red wine with a concentration of soft tannins(only present in red wines causing that puckery feeling in your mouth after you have had a swig).
We were all given bottles of their Shiraz red wine as tokens at the end of the day. I had a great time learning a few new things about wine. At the end of the day it isn't really about following the rules about (well anything,but knowing the rules helps in breaking them) pairing the right one with the right food. Find the flavour you love and just drink it up for a cheeky evening with friends..mix them up for all you care and wake up the nest day with a flush face and happy won't make you throw up in the morning..really!..push the limit and find out..if you throw up let me know...
Here are a couple of shots of yours truly from that day...the second one was taken at the end of the day so I have already licked off all my red lipstick as you can see and have sweaty hair and almost no make-up left..I will try and do a proper outfit post with this later in all my red lips glory...till then just enjoy a shot with my red ombre hair..
Anupriya took the pics I am in


  1. Oh! What fun we had!! We should SO do this more often!!! :))

  2. awesome post Debi ! We had great times that day ...and thanks to you for that 5100 :):):)


    Bong's Belleza

  3. u have done a great work with the collages...looking pretty in vera moda :D

  4. it seems that you had fun and that you look geat in that last pic debi!
    Don't Call Me Fashion Blogger

  5. Follow you back on GFC and Bloglovin, thank you! xx

  6. HI....It's been a minute since I last visited you love and sorry I been MIA but coming back now and visiting my friend's blogs!
    It looks like you had an amazing time and love drinking wine too. Lovely photos.

    <3 Marina
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  7. this seems so much fun,and menu looks pretty much scrumptious !Hope u make it to the next in-fb remix..

  8. This looks like a fun time! I am glad you had the chance to meet other bloggers and the food sounds really delicious! My favorite white wine is sauvignon blanc...and I have to be in the mood for rose'.

  9. Love the pictures...i'm so envious!
    Everything looks lovely and stylish-I love wine with food too!

    Shubhi's Revels!

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  10. Debi, i am loving your hair! Oh it looks fab! You ladies look great and what a wonderful time. I use to love red wine, but it started giving me headaches and flushing. hahaha So now i love white wine. Hey, were you affected by the electrical outage in India? I saw it on the news and thought of you.

  11. wine tasting, my favourite:P

  12. Hey there' thanks for stopping by and yes for the beautiful comments (: Your pictures are lovely.. Are we following yet ? Keep in touch..

  13. oh i would love to learn more about wine since i am just discovering them. i wanna find good white wine that is not too sweet nor sour.
    i agree with Kim. your hair looks gorgeous and i love the outfit! :)

  14. Great pics, I'm so envious dear!!!!

    have a great we, Alessia