Friday, 27 July 2012

Somethings White

Summer is the ideal time to wear white as it looks awesome and also reflects the heat and keeps us cool. This post was supposed to come out yesterday but here you go...

Tops and Bottoms: 1. With shorts & cardi  2. as Space Cadet

Going All White: 1. Sweet Style  2. Sophie by Stockholm Streetstyle

With Printed Skirts & Gorgeous Shoes: 1. LuAnne of Weesha's World  2. Lamia by Stockholm Streetstyle

With Reds And Oranges: 1. Orange lips  2. Red Lips

With Perfect Summer Shoes: 1. Surviving Summer  2. Surviving Summer way 2

On The Runway: 1. Chloe Resort 2012  2. Thakoon Resort 2012

I love the individual styling as well and I am not doing a collage with my desired accessories with white. I do love turquoise, gold, black, neon accents usually..maybe not all at the same time..well what the hell why not? Just think about it..till then see ya mama mia (so corny!)!!

And Oh How Awesome Is This?!
Re-used Trampoline! Say What!


  1. hey debi! that trampoline looks fun. i could lounge all day in it. hahaha sip on a drink! oh let me STOP. i love all white! it's like the canvas and then you have the option of adding splashes of COLOR. turquoise looks exquisite against white. thanks so much for the compliments. just having fun! enjoy watching it!

  2. Cool selection, dear! Love the first outfit with the denim shorts!

    xoxo, Alessia



  3. true true!
    White is such a pure color, I hate it when I drop something or stain it

  4. Woow this is amazing but have to very careful with the white I suppose :)

  5. check out sometime

  6. I can't wait to come to India and get to wear all my summery whites...Oh yes and I finally found the PERFECT souvenir for you...Please email me your postal address x

  7. Oohh the last picture was brilliant. I love white but I don't wear it often because its so freaking difficult to maintain! :D


    New post is up!

    1. same with e sista..i avoid wearing my whites too often that's why..i avoid buying it too..but they look so gorgeous!

  8. Nice post, definitely white is better on summer time! btw I just moved to a new blog! please check out my blog and if you like it, please follow me on Google Friend Connect and Bloglovin, I promise to do the same for you! xx

  9. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhh white!!
    love it for summer , winter, spring, autumn, monsoon!

  10. cool outfits, i love white! unfortunately i'm not wearing it too much because i always feel like it doesn't suite me that well.. i don't know. most of the time i wear like a little grey-ish, scruffy looking white stuff because it's not that bright and shiny, you know? i'm not good at explaining i guess, haha.
    thanks a lot for the comment btw, i really appreciate it! xx