Saturday, 16 June 2012

A Slice of Life This Side of Paradise

It's very windy outside now. The evening is setting in. It's been a dank and depressing day. It rained in the early hours and gave us a windless, humid day. When a storm is gathering it's such a sight. I can just sit for hours watching the clouds getting darker and heavier, the light trickling through here and there..and then when it starts raining the thunder and lightning is so beautiful...I hate the muddy aftermath though...That day we were near Victoria when the storm started..

Victoria Memorial Hall before the storm started that day
a tanga driving past a cab as evening fell that day
just an old picture
another old picture
same here..this one was taken at dawn..all from my mum's garden

This is a pasta dish I made the other day. Basically I had a packet of brussels sprouts and I didn't remember why I bought them. So I headed over to Smitten Kitchen to hunt down a recipe that has brussels sprouts in it. This is the recipe I roughly followed. I held back on the onion and wine and added the pasta because I had it lying around for so long..garnished it with fried bits of bacon, dried parsley and dill..and dinner was ready for 2 nights in a row.


  1. lovely pictures :)
    i agree. the scene of a storm gathering puts me in awe of nature. it is beautiful.
    and your mum must have a great garden. the flowers are so pretty. what is the last one? is it some sort of gardenia? ;)

  2. Love the pics of the flowers, Debi!

    xoxo, Alessia



  3. The Victoria Memorial picture is a beauty! The clouds look so nice! I love storms too..for some reason, it makes me peaceful.

  4. Old but great pics debi. Hmmm that pasta dish looks very interesting!

    Don't Call Me Fashion Blogger

  5. That last picture completely inspired my dinner!

  6. hey debi! omg'd that pasta dish looks so good. i need to try that one! hahaha i haven't met a pasta dish i don't like. haha i love those storm pictures you took. they are gorgeous. hope all is well chickadee :)

  7. the flower ones are my fav!!! the storm pictures are amazing, so dark but that's the beauti of it!!!

  8. I love pasta so this looks amazing, I have never had brussel sprouts with pasta but it does sound good. I hate it when it rains when you have an outdoor event, I don't know what it is but I'd rather deal with snow than rain.