Friday, 29 June 2012

Return of Retro Hair: The Crimp

Honest confession : I love crimped hair and also super voluminous hair. I have hunted down several tutorials on youtube for achieving both. (Once I ended up with both & all my friends kindly told me I looked mad). So when I was approached by Very to do this post I was like "awesome!".

For many of us, the idea of crimped hair stirs up distant memories of teenage sleepovers and rad ‘80s music. But when it comes to creating the coveted ‘bed head’ look, crimping is back and it’s bigger than ever. Geri Cusensa created the modern crimping iron in 1972 for his A-list client Barbara Streisand. While curls and waves were considered to be romantic, Babs was looking for an edgier style to help her stand out from the Hollywood set.

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This new hair tool helped her to achieve a voluminous and textured effect that quickly became a hot celebrity trend that could be achieved by us as well.
While Jodie Foster was adopting the crimped look to complement her oval face, British fashionistas were snapping up the iconic Babyliss crimpers in record numbers to copy the A-list look. The dominion of ultra-straight and sleek hair in the 2000s saw crimping fade into background, with our crimpers gathering dust under our beds – along with our leg warmers. But with textured hair once again taking over the catwalk, crimping has returned as a socially acceptable form of hair styling and a great way to achieve retro-inspired style.

Here’s how to update the crimped look, helping you to avoid a frizztastic feel:
- Wash and thoroughly condition your hair. If your hair is prone to breakage, spray in some leave-in conditioner for a bit of added protection.
- Towel-dry as much as possible then blow on a cold setting until ¾ dry.
- Mist your hair with a thickening spray for a bold ‘bed head’ look.
- Avoid crimping your entire head, which will make you look like an extra from the Wedding Singer. Instead leave your roots and fringe straight, crimping random sections of your hair to add texture. Try not to crimp the very ends of the hair, or else the intense heat may leave you with split ends.
- An easy way to update crimped hair is to pull your hair up into a high ponytail. But avoid this if you have thick hair, as an edgy crimped look can easily become a frizzy mess.
- If your hair is severely damaged, the crimping look can be achieved without heat by plaiting your hair into tiny braids. Set aside a couple of hours for this and carefully make all the plaits uniform, or else you risk ending up with an uneven crimped effect. Which screams 80’s schoolgirl in a very bad way.


Sponsored Post but I do love crimped hair a lot!


  1. Oohhhh Crimped hair, very interesting. Though I am not a huge fan of the style, I might just give it a try!


    New post is up! :)

  2. I would never dare to crimp my hair ever!
    Does that suck?

    1. haha no it doen't suck..but i think you'll look good with loose crimped curls!

  3. Love the 80s, yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  4. Great style, love it and thanks for the useful video!




  5. Just out of academic curiousity, wouldn't this like really end up damaging your hair?

    1. using heat tools dries your over using this will be bad of course..but everyone who uses a blow drier,curling or straightening tool or heck even hair colour knows how to take care of the hair with conditioners and heat protectants..may seem overwhelming to someone who is just learning about these methods but the ones who do know they know the pros & cons..

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  7. Yes I have crimpted my hair in the past!

  8. girl, i tried this in the 80's and i think i crimped it too much because some came out! hahahahaha i love the look thought, but i dare not now! hee hee